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MAF, A Break Through Discovery in Tea

Professor Liu Zhong-Hua from Hunan Agriculture University gave A presentation in the T20 Tea Conference on 17/05/2019 about tge discovery of new substance, MAF – Mitochondria activation factor, a high-molecular-weight polyphenol, that can enhance the strength of muscle and other health benefits.


According to the research, MAF also has significant effects on reducing  blood sugar, hypolipidemic, aids weight lose , prevent muscle atrophy. These are very good news for people, particular elderly, who gradually lose the strength or tone of muscles.

According to their research 1-2% MAF are found from semi- to full fermented teas, such as #Oolong and #Blacktea.

They will continue the research by cooperating Japanese research institutes. No matter what this discovery laid a important milestone for health research on fermented tea (black tea), semi-fermented tea (Oolong)and post-fermented tea (Dark Tea).

“Aging” vs “Musty”

Don’t remember when was the first time I drank Pu’erh in Taiwan, can’t even remember whether it was Sheng (Raw) or Shou (Ripped) Pu’erh, all I can remember is I disliked the ‘musty’, even somewhat urine-like flavor.

In the year of 1985 when I started to learn tea, we could only buy or taste Pu’erh imported from Hong Kong and I did not know the difference between Sheng vs. Shou Pu’erh, because at that time it was not possible directly from China so it was not possible to get the first hand knowledge about Pu’erh at that time. I only knew many years later that Hong Kong Chinese loved the “aging” flavors in Pu’erh. But the question about “Why experienced Pu’erh tea lovers in Hong Kong like to emphasis the ‘aging’ flaov and taste” hunted me for many years until I have the first opportunity to visit the MengHai Tea Manufacturing Factory in XiShuanBanNa in 2002 when I was amazed by the pleasant flaovrs and tastes from authhentic aged Pu’erh.

Post fermentation is very important to the aging quality of Pu’erh. There are big difference between appropriately aged ‘aging’ flavor vs. badly stored ‘musty’ flavor.

People who first taste the Pu’erh would probably experience as what I have by its unique flavors and tastes without able to tell the difference between ‘aging’ vs. ‘Heap’ vs. “Musty” in flavors and tastes.

“Aging” reflects the the quality of post-fermented flavors of time (min. 10 years and above) that appears in different flavors, such as Chinese herbal woody sweetness, ripped plums, musk, or agarwood, as if old wooden furnitures in 3-D exuding. The flavors and tastes are pure and pleasant.

Tea particular from Fushu Puerh has very rich chemical substances, can easily absorb the moisture and ordor in the air, with unappropriate storage it eventually causes musty. “Musty” actually is a bad smell due to the corruption of quality that represents in unpleasant or even loathe flavors, some even in tastes.

“Heap” often appears in newly pile of Pu’erh that are yet to get aged further.With appropriate storing conditions, the heap flavors would gradually weaken in 2-3 years.

Tea, regardless tea type, should be stored in clean, ventilated, dark, dry, odor-free, non-polluting environment.

The aging process in the post-fermentation is very important for Pu’erh. However, the first thing must know is the aging process won’t make a bad quality tea to become good, but carefully selection and investment plus appropriate storing conditions and care would indeed improve the appreciation of pu’erh tea to become a better investment.

Drinking Tea Regularly

Tea is in hip since recent years, let’s not to speak about how elegant or fancy tea drinking is, let’s first to clarify some basic health aspects.

More than 20 health benefits have been mentioned in various ancient classical historic writing about tea in Chinese history over >3000 years and here are some have already confirmed by various scientific researches in the world today:

  1. Prevention against Heart Disease – Tea polysaccharide, thearubigin and theaflavin could effectively improve arterial condition and inhibit atherosclerosis, not to mention that we all have read a lot of reports of how tea could reduce the body fat.
  2. Prevent against Cencer, Anti-Aging and Radiation – Anti-oxidation and free radical scavenging are two major methods to fight against cancer. Free radicals are products of oxidation reactions in human cells. Tea polyphenols in tea have powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenging effects.
  3. Inhibition of bacteria – there are researches shows children who drink tea have less 60% risk of having caries in teeth than those who do not. However, small children should avoid drinking too much and strong teas.
  4. Enhance intestinal immunity – it is important to select tea carefully according to the physical conditions, from person to person; from period to period.


Tea provides many health benefits but it requires a healthy life style on regular base but not just one or two cups of tea.

Judging Tea

Of course, there are some basic guidelines for the classification of tea quality, i.e. hand-picked, semi- or completely hand process and natural authentic fine flavors and tastes are always considered as the best quality.

Price does give you some ideas about the quality that you can expect, but the fundamental principle is being able to tell the authentic vs. aromatic. The question is, exactly how much do you know about tea? No matter what, it is not logical to expect cheap price for premium quality tea.

To certain teas, the presentence of stems is normal, before exclude stems out, should try to clarify which tea types we are talking about.

However, I do think the most important thing for us, regardless how many years or how well we know about tea, is that we all have to remember:

Each person can draw the line about good tea based on her/his own personal preferences in flavors and tastes.

Try to deepen the knowledge by listening to tea instead of floating around.

Work-Life Balance

There is no standard, right or wrong answer for a simple question of “work life balance”. The awakening of self awareness is must, being able to say “NO” often is necessary.

When think backwards, I heartedly appreciate the “impulsive” childhood learning from my father over Chinese classical philosophies and basic moral principles, because regular reflections eventually became a sub-conscious mental exercise.

The learning of Daoyin Qigong and Chinese calligraphy taught me the importance of aligning body and mind.

The learning and practice of tea and Chinese tea ceremony remind me.importance of “HONESTY, AUTHENTICITY, CALM and RESPECT” in actions.

Live by acting, not by thinking and talking.

Learn to stand straight before learning to walk; learn to walk before learning to run. Learn to listen own body before learning to obey with a blind folded mind.

Why worry for Taiwanese tea ?

The TV news today (12/04) about the Taichung city government gave the final warning to the thermal power plant to improve their actions in worsening not only the air but water pollution, I can’t help to curse
the evilness and stupidity of DPP government. Of course, the world needs more cheap and easy energy meanwhile we concern potential % of risk from unknown nuclear disaster, but we definitely would say NO to worsen the air and water pollution because we know the harm of air and water pollution would affect our health immediately. Not only it concerns the health of Taiwanese people on the island, but also the impact to problems of global warming.

Taichung not only is my birthplace, more importantly it is an important growing region for tea and other agricultural and fishing farms. To the North, Miaoli and Hsinzhu are producing fine quality Oriental Beauty, to the South to the Central Mountain range is Nantou where produce many fine quality Oolong and Black tea.

In Taiwan there are plenty of agricultural,,including tea, and fish farmers try to provide safe quality products. Tea farmers are doing their best to use safe fertilizer and pesticide, but tea trees breath the same air and share the water resource. The most concern is, we can not contain polluted air or water; it is impossible to stop the expansion of air and water pollutions. But how can those small people fight against the central government who impulses policies to meet with their political agenda and keeps ignoring their responsibilities to protect the Nature and People on island?

Unless Taiwanese voters can use their votes to make a political change in 2020, otherwise my worries for Taiwanese teas and people remain.

The Birth of Jin Jian Mei

Healthy tea trees in a protected eco-environmemt

Value in Tea

Only the #quality based on consistent hard works and enhanced base can present the wisdom and beauty of “Less means more”.

The value in #quality #puretea is not limited to the #price per bag, but health benefits to body, how energy and mind are interactively charmed by fine and natural flavors and taste #percup.

Values in pure quality tea can not be measured by price per bag, but in quality taste and the journey that you can enjoy from each cup.

Investment Appreciation in Tea

Having the right quality and store it appropriately for the aging process for dark tea, including Pu’erh (particular Raw Pu’erh), would influence how well the appreciation of your investment in the coming years.

The post-fermentation process won’t make bad quality tea become good, therefore, it is better to invest on better quality instead of shopping because the price is cheap.

If you could invest well, then can expect the annual growth of investment appreciation by 10% or even more. Of course, the storage conditions play a vital role to influence the quality to flavors and taste in the aging post fermentation process.

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Let Tea Talks

Which can persuade you the organic nature of the tea? A piece of expensive certificate that money can buy? or priceless actural growing conditions?

we work directly with tea farmers who care about #nature and #traditionalinherit.

We do not sell organic certificate, we simply do #organic #organictea  We can not afford to pay for a fairtrade stamp, we simply do #fairtradetea.


these are photos of tea garden of our traditional #meizhan #tieguanyin #jinxuan.

in order to support this #batenicalteagardens and his family,  #wkp works for another tea estate for living.

Tea is more than a business, it is about #consciousness and #honesty. If the taste of tea can not convince you, then what a piece of expensive certificate can do?

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