Why it is better to keep the tea brewing time short and sexy?

Caffeine is one important component in tea, the content in tea much less than in coffee. coffee beans need to be grinded before brewing, in other word, the drinker can’t control the content of caffeine in cup.

But tea is different, especially with good quality whole leaf tea that we do can control  control the release of caffeine by controlling the brewing, I.e.

1. How much leaf we use

2. The water temperature

3. How do we control the brewing time.

In general speaking, +/-60 to 70% caffeine are released with the brewing about 1.5 minutes. In other word, the longer infusion, the more % of caffeine will be dissolved in the warm water.

Bitterness is the taste of caffeine, so when you brew tea next time, pay attention to sense the natural taste of pure quality tea (not applicable to flavored ir aromatic quality) before adding any extra ingredients, I.e. sugar, milk, flowers or fruit, etc.

Caffeine is not evil, but consuming too much can cause some health problem. Tea is only healthy if you know how to brew tea.

Have a cup of tea!