Keep a teapot in good condition is not that difficult. Never use soap or detergent to wash it, definitely not in a dish washing machine Certainly do not clean the naked ceramic teaware, i.e. Yixing, in a dish washing machine.

This shape is known as “Shoulder of a Beauty”

The above mentioned cleaning method is suitable for all material Teawares, including those made from Yixing clay, Actually all teaware can be easily cleaned with warm water after the each use, because there is no fat or any chemical substance from pure quality tea.

Should be careful when buying “old” Yixing teapots on line because photo can easily being PS, and there are lots of faked old Yixing teapots sold in the market.

In case the “old” Yixing teapot you bought has pretty dark color stains inside, I would suggest

  • cook it several times with water to remove the old flavor and stained color
  • bush it well after each cooking.
  • Afterwards cook it at least once with the oolong tea that you want to use it in the future.

If you really care about Your health, then learn to listen your body better, and don’t underestimate the importance of learning tea. Pure and authentic quality always is the best choice.

If you really care about your teaware, then don’t be lazy. Clean all teaware, including pot and cups, with warm water after each use.

I can’t afford to buy authentic antique Yixing teapot, but I am glad to grow old together with my Yixing teapots. Dedication is important for a naked ceramic teapot to become a more brilliant living ‘partner’ in your tea journey.