Tea caught the attention of many researchers in the world, through scientific methods now many studies found some teas may help with cancer, heart disease and diabetes; encourage weight loss and to lower cholesterol, and it appears to have antimicrobial qualities.  Certainly tea helps to facilitates the emotional distress process that is what medicines can’t solve.

Indeed, tea has many health benefits, but still it has limit that it can’t solve the following problems:

  • Unrequited love – what you can do is stepping out from your comfort zone and practice more on gentle social skills in face-to-face social events. Love is not something you can ask, but should learn to feel and to appreciate the moment.
  • Over weight – Yes, Vitamins and caffeine in tea can help to loss weight, but tea is not medicine.  One must consider how to manage the balance life style but not just depending on tea. Each person is unique, so start to listen and work with your own body.
  • Hypoactive – the learning and practice of Chinese tea arts help you to relax through concentration with calm, peace and simplicity.
  • Sleeping problem – Pay attention to adjust the life style.  Visit friends who enjoy simple life style often are patient listeners and enjoy a peaceful tea time together. Learn to adjust the breathing technique, it is not which tea can relax you, it is how you can relax yourself.
  • Impulsive and bully – If you felt tense easily, it is often you are perfectionist and impatient.  Learn how to brew tea correctly with ceramic tea ware but not porcelain.  Learn  to appreciate diversity from flavor and taste in different tea and the warmth from clay.
  • Loneliness – Even when you are alone with a cup of tea, you are never alone, because there is another you in the cup and another one in the shadow. If you still feel lonely, then invite friends to organize a tea gathering, because those who appreciate tea normally are honest and kind in heart.
  • Temperament – can extend the advice from impulsive and bully further by inviting friends to enjoy a peaceful tea time with pure quality tea  together.

All noises will automatically be smoothened out when you enjoy the moment of peace, harmony and tranquility with a cup of pure tea.