One of most commonly asked questions is
How long tea can be stored?
As matter of fact all teas can be stored for very long time under the appropriate storing conditions.  Of course, some teas will lose its natural fine and sexy aroma and the taste might become woody.  We certainly should understand how the post oxidative fermentation might occurred because of the long time storage.
There are four basic principles for tea storage:
  1. Air flow environment
  2. Avoiding direct light
  3. Avoiding humidity
  4. Avoid bad odors
Air quality is the fundamental element to consider in the first principle, and it is even more crucial and important especially to those teas that can be stored for longer perio, i.e. traditional fermented Oolong, Black Tea, Dark Tea and Pu’erh. 
In the tea storing either warehouse or room should avoid:
  1. parfum nearby, personnel who work in the tea environment should also not to wear too much or strong parfum
  2. environment or compartment where there are bad odors easily presented
Above suggestions also are suitable to consider for tea shop layout.