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Even though her family has nothing to do with tea, but she learnt the importance of consuming tea correctly in daily healthy diet based on the Chinese traditional medicine principles in Yin-Yang and 5 elements from her family when she was very young.
She entered the tea learning in Taiwan since 1985, left her root because of marriage in 1991 helped her to expand her learning from original inward-out views to 360 degree. She started to promote the authentic knowledge about tea and wisdom in Chinese tea culture in Belgium since 1995.
Tea has always been and will continue be her best teacher. In front of Nature and Tea, she remains as an innocent child, a life-time learning student.

Tea learning in COVID-19 Pandemic period

The spike of COVID-19 pandemic rage the world by surprise; the announcement for lock-down took us by surprise; we have been hoping for reopening, but the announcement for gradually reopening gave us some joyful news, in the meantime, start to question ourselves “What and How should I do to cope with the new way of living”.

When we are in the process of preparing ourselves for the reopening, we probably also need to prepare ourselves to accept that most people are facing a same challenge that we will not able to have old life back so easily, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to change our social behaviors and the way of living for an unknow period of time ahead.

Actually the more I practice the Chinese tea ceremony, it is more clear why it’s helpful for everyone to manage the isolation and stress in the lock down period:

  • With tea, we learn to engage with ourselves through silence and simple focus
  • With the simple way of tea serving and sharing, we connect with other person who share the tea with in much calmer and peaceful manners.
  • With the practice of simple Chinese tea ceremony, even as short as one minute is a complete 60 seconds
  • When enjoy a cup of tea, there is no desire, no fear, no judgement, but simply pure concentration and appreciation

The nasty COVID-19 Coronavirus urged us to rethink what and how we should take actions for our future starting from today: Environment, Disinfection, and Unity. Public Health is no longer a government’s responsibility, but we have to take our part of responsibilities seriously.

Wearing Textile Masks

A friend told me she saw a Pharmacy in Brussels is selling textile mask, washable and can replace the ‘filter’. So my friend asked the pharmacist, are you also selling the filter? The reply was “No”. So question will be, can this kind of textile mask really helps to reduce the risk against Coronavirus without or using ‘coffee” filter?

What is the purpose of wearing mask in this particular time? To create a fancy looking? or try to reduce risk of virus infection, particularly for those who are working in the hospital? It is not a funny joke to see our medical personnel wear non-medical masks in the hospital. Same thing for the citizen who will return to work in the space where they face challenge to keep the safe 1.5m safety distance at work or in the shop or in any venue.

The textile mask is washable and allows reuse.  But it should have a protective filter in between two layers of textile fabric.  So the question would be : Is there a PM2.5 antibacterial filter between the front textile and inner layer of textile?

I have high respect to doctors and nurses and medical & health specialists because of their education and certificates, but it is sad to watch such unscientific demonstration to the fight against the aggressive Corornavirus.

Hope the following checking points are useful for you to choose the textile mask for the reopening:

  • The antibacterial efficiency %
  • The breathing level
  • You should have more than 1 or 2 masks so you can wash it everyday after use
  • There is life limited for the antibacterial filter, normally is 7 days under normal conditions
  • Textile masks are not recommended for those who already have breathing problem or children younger than 3 years old.
  • The government should be cleared with the import regulation and selling permission in order to avoid the chaotic situation happened to masks
    • Before the pandemic, masks were allowed to sell freely in shops / supermarkets
    • when the pandemic happened, retail of masks was not allowed otherwise can face severe fine punishment
    • Since today the non-medical masks are free to sell in shops

Even though the photo from hospital alert my worries about the ‘professional sense’ from some medical personnel, but still it is better to check with your family doctor or local specialist before buying masks.

©Mei Lan Hsiao, 04/05/2020, Antwerp

for more information, contact Mei Lan Hsiao, Tel: 0494506899, email:

Priceless values in tea

How do you judge tea before making decision for your selection? What are you fancy desires from tea?

The foundation for fine flavours and tastes from authentic fine quality tea requires basic 3 factors 

  • Healthy balance in the #Nature ,
  • Hardworking people who we don’t know their names
  • Accumulated of wisdom from the inherited tea culture

When buying tea next time, perhaps can ask yourself a question, especially if you think you deserve better quality but on the other hand still hunt tea based on cheap price :

How can anyone judge the authentic quality from these basic 3 factors, the balance of Heaven, Earth and People, based on price and think it should be cheap?

The most critical 3 poles for the foundation, Heaven, Earth and People, never judge anyone, but simply growing, offering and sharing.

The Difference in Tea Journey

Tea and tea culture began from China that silently traveled, integrated in different cultures through human migration. The different selections for the first step have created different tones in tea cultural journeys in the West.

In five thousand years China history, Chinese have been using tea to bridge cultures through trading, tolerate and encourage cultural integration without imposing, encourage the simple concept of sharing for mutual prosperity, solidarity and friendships; it has been further cultivated into Chinese culture when tea eventually embedded in Chinese daily living culture without emphasizing cultural hierachy but the sharing of common wealth, self cultivation and good social behaviours.

However, the West started their tea journey from totally different angles. The initial ideas from those who brought tea to the West from China meant to make money and profit for their own but not for the common wealth. The high tea concept did encourage the growth of afternoon tea culture in England which further influences the tea culture in the world,

The western tea journey did not start as a social drink to promote common wealth of average people but more for rich and selected high society, just like how tea and tea culture were before the 7th century in China. Even though today became a social drink, but the hidden shadow of hierarchical show-case and comparative behaviors are not yet whitened out after the past two decades.

Under the horrified threats from Corona virus pandemic, it is not clear about potential impacts to the global economy, let’s hope the growth of tea drinkers and awakened awareness for solidarity can continue. Perhaps slowly, but let’s make sure it grows surely.

Flu vs. Virus Have Different Syndromes

Since the first outbreak happened in Wuhan to the raging global pandemic, we start to have some knowledge about Corona virus based on the accumulated observations and experience from those front line doctors and nurses who scarified or took risk of their live to help those infected patients.

Here is the summary from doctors who worked on the treatment for Cororna virus infection in WuHan, hopefully it gives us a clearer understanding different syndromes from Flue vs. Virus:

  • Air pollution: Dried coughing + sneezing
  • Having cold : coughing + slime + sneezing + running nose
  • Flue: Coughing + slime + sneezing + running nose + aching + fatigue + mild fever
  • Virus: Dried coughing + sneezing + aching + fatigue + high fever + breathing difficulties

Yesterday in New York City press conference, an American doctor said Corona virus is a very nasty virus, because some carriers don’t show any syndromes, otherwise testing positive even with the negative testing from the day before.

Hopefully with the continued down curve of infection numbers and increasing of healing numbers, our government will lift up the “home staying” policy, but it does not mean we should consider “We are freed”. We should still keep high alert because so far there is no effective medicines or vaccines. Even when we are able to reopen, it is better for us to continue the following practices:

  • Keeping social distancing
  • Washing hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Wearing mask in the public, particularly in the crowd environment
  • Consulting doctor before taking any medicines
  • Maintaining calm and positive energy

“To Be” starts from self

“Future” begins from today, right now.

Tea Enlightenment

Have a cup of tea to ease thirst, enjoy drinking tea;

Appreciate hard works for tea, have tea in heart;

Have fun living zen, appreciate zen in tea;

Practice zen in every moment in every minute, experience zen enlightenment in tea.

©copyrighted Mei Lan Hsiao, Antwerp, 4/4/2020

>500 years old Gushu is injured

OMG, What a crime!

The responsible person who takes care and have rights to harvest tea picking from the >500 years old GuShu (ancient tea tree)in  WuDong Shan village, for FengHuang DanCong, went to check that growing status, she was shocked by the destroying of some branches.

This crime has been reported and now is handled by the police in FengHuang Mountain Range. Hope they can catch the responsible criminals and punish them severely.

Please don’t even try to think or speak about human rights, because those who.committed such crime don’t deserve any right.

©copyrighted Mei Lan Hsiao, Antwerp/Belgium, 3/4/2020

Masks War Update

International political driven pressure to China has never seized even with the worsen situation of #COVID19 #Coronavirus worldwide pandemic. Recent unfaired and racist attacks from #mouthmasks eventually have touched the bottom line and are now facing counter reactions from China government.

China strictens the quality standards fir export

Starting from 1/4/2020 not only #mouthmasks but all medical supplies and equipments must have the quality testing certificate/report that product quality have been tested and approved according to China standards in order to receive a quality testing certificate/report issued by any from 48 approved quality verification organizations. Right now there are 48 companies are verified and approved by #CNAS can provide the quality checking and approval certificate; such testing report is issued in Chinese and CNAS logo should be appeared on the testing report. Cargoes will only be allowed for export shipment with such testing certificate/report and requires an written acceptance agreement from oversea buyers.

International quality testing community should work with CNAS to establish an universal quality testing standards in terms of testing methods and acceptance of the testing result. Otherwise no medical supplies can be shipped out. Also transhipment is not allowed.

The international quality testing community shouldn’t downgrade the CNAS quality standards without consulting. Also back fight to deny quality testing report issued by other European countries won’t help the problem situation that we are facing collaterally.

The China government point of view is very clear “

Those recent unfair accusations and complaints about the mask quality forced the China government to set stricter guidelines for the mouth masks export.  I hope the linked information are useful for you.

The point of view from China government is clear : “We do care about the quality of medical supplies for live saving; they don’t have to buy if they don’t accept our standards and testing certificate/report we approved.

China has suffered a lot from the outbreak of #COVID19 #Coronavirus in #WuHan. They have established very strict quality standards that shouldn’t missed up the international business tractions if importers or buyers did mot pay attention to make clear with specifications and required quality standards.

That’s why for weeks I tried to urge your attention that customers should know what they are buying and should give very clear specifications and quality standards before hands.

Complaints and put the blames to China is not fair to handle the situation, certainly it is not able to ease the pandemic situations that our medical personnel are facing right now.

When virus outbreak happened in WuHan, there were many international donated masks did not meet the surgical masks (N95, FFP3)standards, so they sent medical quality experts from hospitals and Red Cross to classify masks. Those unqualified masks were distributed to community for civilian protection masks use.China and Chinese people did not make any complaints, even though many masks did not meet the medical mask standards, China and Chinese people still showed gratitude to the humanitarian generosity and friendship.

copyrighted by Mei Lan Hsiao, 2/4/2020

Song for Coronavirus Fight

The news of Corona virus outbreak happened in WuHan, we were shocked as billions of Chinese in China on how fast it was quickly spreading and deadly threats from this unknown virus. It rages the world by its powerful speed and deadly threats that we never though it can spread so fast and cause so much fear and panic with the jumping numbers of infection and fatalities in the world.

Today international medias also recognized the early announcement of “lockdown” guidelines that our government issued effective on 13/03/2020 helped to save thousands of live. In the past, when we talk about globalization, we talk about impacts from the world changes, however, we have never thought about one day we will face for what are happening right now that we can’t shake hands, no hugging or kissing as basic social greeting; the normal retail market operations and live styles will be setting onto a paused status.

Earth shaking news and rumors constantly mentioned on TV, radio and internet, but the bottom line questions we face are: What is that all about? What should I do? How should I face and handle the new way of living?

Filip Bauters, Belgian music composer
Filip Bauters, Belgian music composer

A 55 years old Belgian music composer, Filip Bauters, a father of three great children and four happy grandchildren, who studied music at the Ghent conservatory and has been busy with music all his life everyday shares the same stressful worries as many people that we all try to process the current Coronavirus situation in our own way, decided to compose a music and to share the song for the Coronavirus fight with the world.

When Alice asked me would I be interesting to cooperate with Filip who composed a melody which he would like to have in different language, of course includes Chinese, so people around the world could share the message of solidarity through a song. Without hesitation, I immediately said ‘Yes” to this meaningful project.

It is not so easy to translate the original Dutch text to Chinese, I can only do my best to grasp the essence messages for unity that Filip would like to express by considering the melody flow. This is such fun and meaningful project that I look forwards to other language version on the #youtube soon.

Hope the monster will yield soon

Here I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Filip Bauters again for giving me this opportunity to participate this beautiful and meaningful project .

Drinking tea correctly

We still don’t know the original source of #Coronavirus, but we do start to have more information about this tiny evil monster that it targets people whose immunity is not top regardless age and this deadly virus can cause live threatening complex problems.

Before medical and medicine research scientists can develop effective medicines and vaccines, the only things we can do are

  • Following the guidelines for #socialdistancing,
  • Maintaining balanced and healthy diets,
  • Paying extra attention on hygienic care
  • Learning and adapting new social behaviors,
  • Remaining calm and positive energy
  • Every detail helps to strengthen the immunity system.

Here under is my response to a marketing email from a tea supplier today:

Yes, there are plenty health benefits from tea. The medical effects on immunity system in this COVID-19 pandemic situation becomes more interesting and important. However, as a responsible tea person, I choose to be more cautious to give bold suggestions without solid facts and research data. 

People who want to profit health benefits from teas, must consider the basic 5W1H: Who, Which, What, When, Where, and How. 

Tea Research Scientists of University in Zhejiang and Yunnan started the further research in tea since the virus outbreak happened in WuHan, so far the result from testings of EGCG is very encouraging. 

Hopefully we will soon will have more concrete research facts and results.  Till then enjoy a cup of pure quality specialty tea that matches with your health conditions and requirements. 

©copyrighted by Mei Lan Hsiao, 31/03/2020

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