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Critical 3 Minds learning

In life we will experience a lot ups and downs, regardless age, there are 3 major learnings we all have to encounter in life:

  • What and how to maintain innocence in mind – the most easiest way is to give self sometime to embrace it through reflection
  • Do best with devotion – we don’t always get what we want or have hoped for, and no complaints or signs can help but do our best as we can everyday.
  • Learn to let go before it’s too late – Indeed happy moments can bring smiles on our face but eventually will fade away in time when we get old; however, learnings from painful experience open more windows of learning that eventually turn into strenths that stay for life.

I am, for who I am and how I am

To my husband and children, same as many friends know me for being “stubborness with dignity” but not necessary know how my upbringing has influenced who I am and how I am.

I was the only child in the family for the first six years in my life. At that time, even though as a military family in the 60’s, we had a pretty earthy and rough life and I could only see my Dad 2 max. 3 times a year. But I really had a very fine memories from the wild childhood and love from my parents. I stayed with the best friend of my parents for nearly 8 months before I saw my younger brother for the first time. Immediately I loved the idea to take care of him by being a ‘elder sister’. When Nian Yong was young, he often got sick; so it’s normal that he got all the attention and care from my parents and accepted Mom has no extra energy for me.

Dad used to lead soldiers, so it’s ‘normal’ that I have to take the responsibility based on joint and several ‘liability’ for my brother; I learned to accept it without argument.

One night I had a very strang dream when I was 9-10 years old, when I woke up I started to question whether I was adopted, but I did not dare to ask but kept quiet. The real question rose when I had my first blood test at the age of 12, because I am the only one in the family with A blood type while Dad and brother are O and Mom is B. But again, I dared not to ask, simply put this question in the drawer in heart. That year we went to Taichung for uncle Chen’s wedding, I was so exciting because it was the first time I wore stockings with a beautiful dress and new shoes. In the middle of wedding feest, Mom and Dad decided to leave earlier after meeting a full-sized woman with a little boy, who were them? I dared not ask until when I was 16 years old that little boy sent me a letter to my school, then I realized they were my biological family. After the visit to my bio-sister in the nearby university, when I saw how she and I were so alike as twin, instantly I knew there’s no question about the adoption. Immediately I made the decision not to ask the ‘why’ question to either side, simply quietly accepted the reality submissively because I did not want to make both side parents felt scare of losing me or felt quilty for giving me away for adoption. Without knowing, underconsciousely since then I start to avoid and not to talk about my feeling deep inside on how I dream for love but do not dare to ask for love from others. Since made the decision of accepting not to ask for love from others, I then realized the importance in life is to love self by holding integrity and enhancing self disciplines strongly. Time passed, the level of stubborness deepened.

(… continue……)

The Circle of Life

Here are some basic traditional interpretations for the change of seasons in the Nature which is same as change in life according to the Daoism philosophy:

Spring : before welcoming the warm breeze, we still need to pay attention to the coldest time of the year; the first thunder awakens the Yin energy in the Nature, all lives start to whistle with cheerful melody

Summer: definitely is the time to enjoy the heart bumping meanwhile should  remain calm, to avoid wild fire burning

Autumn: the wind changes from warm to cold, the nature can be uneased, some extreme can still happen, it’s time we need to learn what and how to adapt to the change; certainly on how the heating Yang energy could rise when encountering the cold Yin energy. When facing the change of energy, it’s time to prepare, to repair and to restore before winter comes

Winter: Even though the sky is dark but still there is light behind darkness, so it’s not completely hopeless; even if little grass are forced to bend down by snow, but they will rise their heads higher in the coming spring. Winter is the time to rest with ease and prepare self for the next awakening of life circle.

The change of four seasons means the change in life, two constract energies rotate but are not disappearing when we are able to keep the warmth and hopeful energy from within.

mei lan hsiao
There is time to awaken, time to joy, time to adapt and time to rest; needless for surprise or stress out. The taller and stronger you want to become, then grow your roots deeeper and enhance the strength from within.

Active Retirement

Am I still interested to find a job even at the age of 67?
Well, the answer definitely is YES

Why not? I am still pretty healthy in body and mind, I still full of positive energy in life and I appreciate every opportunity to share knowledge and experience in life.

However, I do have clear direction in coaching to senior managements who are willing to make a change in work and life.

When I help others, it gives me a chance to help myself; sharing experience and knowledge with others help me to deepen my own learning and reflections.

There is nothing more important than maintaining positive and healthy eneregy in body, mind and emotionally. Continue learning and sharing are the best remedies in the healthy lifestyle. All of these are easy to obtain, free of charge !

It’s more than consuming price problem

As a woman, a house wife, I am more sensitive with the daily consumption cost. In the last two years when we tried to put the Covid threat behind, we were hoping for the market recovering, but that hope has been hardly splached by the minitary conflicts that matered by America through NATO.


Are we facing problem to cope with daily cost?

It would be too naive to say perhaps not yet, because we really start to feel the threat and pains from our daily home budget.

Are we able to see the light before the tunnel?

What are we facing right now? It’s more than just inflation, as matter of fact, it seems we are heading to potential recession. What and how to prevent or revert the situation?

As a baby booming generation, It’s clear as how did we built prosperity and developments after the WWII. It’s because of peace, collaboration, globalism ! But what we encourage directly or indirectly today? I am terrified whenever I switch on TV or computer to watch the news about conflicts and wars that’s driven by Fascism and extreme weather problems because of our too long ignorance!

I normally like to maintain positive thinking and energy, but frankly speaking, can any one in the world can help me to see some signs to boost my optimism?

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