It's not a beautiful tea garden, but it's pure and nature ecological well balance tea heaven.

It’s not a beautiful tea garden, but it’s pure and nature ecological well balance tea heaven.

KP’s ecological tea garden is in the deep mountain area where is few hours drive from the nearyby city.  The tea garden is surrounding by nature forest and far away from any sort of pollutions.  In his ecological tea garden, there are three (3) tea tree cultivars, i.e. Tie Guan Yin, Jin Xuan and Mei Zhan.

Jin Xuan is an unique tea tree cultivar from Taiwan, it is also known as TTS#12.  It was introduced and named in 1980 after 43 years research.  Now Jin X金萱烏龍 (8)uan tea trees are planted in Taiwan, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Is Jin Xuan Oolong an aromatic tea? 

No, the pure and nature dired Jin Xuan oolong does have very unique flavour, it is a mixture of flora, mung bean and creamy notes.  The flavour from dried leaves is not very strong, but once it’s being waken up in a warmed tea pot or cup, you will be amazed by its intense flavours.

Some people interpreted its unique creamy flavour as milky flavour and named it as ‘Milky Oolong’ in English.  Because of this English name, so now a day there are aromatic Milky Oolong tea that has been scented with milk extract to satisfy buyers who like very strong and sexy milky flavour.

Whether you like pure and nature flavour or scented with extra flavour extract is a matter of choice.  After all, you are the boss of your own body and health.

Brewing Suggestion:  1g : 50-75ml water / temperature: 95-99 Celcius / Infusion time: 1 min. – 45 sec. – 1 min. / Multiple infusions: 6-8

P_20160519_120733EcP_20160519_105800o-Jin Xuan Oolong Tea

Look: hand-picked, 1+2 leaves

  • Processing: Mid. fermented with very mild roasting process by wood fire with Long Gan wood.  In order to maintain its unique aroma and flavour, therefore it is important to roast it only in the mild manner.  The extra wood-roasting process allows this tea to be stored in normal room temperature but not necessary to keep it in deep freezer.
  • Flavour: The dried leaves have fine green note from oolong tea.  Once is being waken up in a warmed teapot, amazed by its mixture of flora, mung bean and delightful creamy flavour

Taste: mild, sweet, smooth, gentle

Olfaction: Fine and gentle

Multi-infusions: 6-8

An excellent choice of afternoon tea in this mild and warm spring day.

Origin: Fujian, China / Type: Jin Xuan/ 100% pure & nature quality / 2.5g:150ml / 95-99°C / multiple infusions >6-8