11781704_1014560521908969_6796420181465470833_nThere is a Chinese legendary story which my parents told me when I was young – Yu Gong who was able to move the mountain by his determination and perseverance.
Yu Gong 愚公 meant someone is old and fool who tried to move the mountain so people can pass across to the other side with a straight road.  When he first told his family, friends and neighbors about his plan to move the mountain, they all laughed at him, called him ‘fool’ and ‘crazy’. The only people helped him were his wife and sons.  Day by day, year by year, finally they did it ! The learning from this story is one must believe in his/her dream and back it up with firm determination and diligent efforts;  at end s/he can achieve things beyond  imagination.
“Why continue? Why not close down?” these are questions from the Tax Controller because he simply couldn’t understand why I continue when I lose money every year.
For years, I stubborn to promote the essence of Nature, Pure and Authentic flavor and taste from good quality tea without considering the ROI (Return of Investment) just because I love tea.  When I started in 1995 there were no so much tea shops as today, not to mentioned how many laughs or criticism still today. Sometime feel like a fish tries to swim again the strong current. Do I feel tire sometimes? Yes, of course, but I know I can’t stop and I don’t want to stop, because stopping means denying all those efforts were wrong.  I must criticize myself harder than criticism from others, but I simply can’t deny myself, certainly not my life. I  have to admit sometimes I feel a little bit tire and down; but I only allow that happens for less than a minute. 
Our goal is not to move the mountain, I strongly believe  disassembling the knowledge correctly and promoting the authentic Chinese tea culture are right things to do which  I am good at it,  I am happy to do it and I can  and should do to help more people learn to build and sustain a healthy life style when enjoying a cup of tea.
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