Are you following your nose or your stomach? 

While cleaning the space in tea corner found a small package of tea that raped in alumium paper; I do not remember from who and when any more.  I nearly fainted after I opened it. It is blending tea with rose petals with a very irritating and pungent vanilla aroma.  What might happen to my body if I drank it when the flavour is already so pungent and irritating?

Many people purchase tea base on the flavour in the package, but I know my body would reject heavy flavoured stuffs so I can’t think about it and don’t dare to try.  After all, I only have one stomach and it is my own responsibility to take care my body, mind and health.

In general, I am a very curious type, not afraid trying new things and often making mistakes, but still I know consciously what to avoid to mutilate my stomach from I eat and drink.

That small pack of flavoured will become my teaching material – distinguish the nature aroma blending vs. flavoured aroma blending.

What to drink with breakfast in this chilling autumn morning? Thought about a small jar of home blending tea of multiple flowers, lavender, calendula, jasmine, primrose, safflower, baby chrysanthemum, goji, dried tangerine peel with black tea hat I made for my mother-in-laws few months ago.  The taste is mild but at least I know what I am drinking and it’s a blending from pure ingredients.