Life is like a cup of tea
It will get cold one day;
the cup will become empty one day;
the pure flavors and fine tastes won’t last forever.

So,what are you waiting for?

Enjoy when you can and enjoy when it’s still warm; show respect and appreciation for what you have in time, because the essence of time is not on our sides.

People come, people go; the party is over when the door is closed.
Don’t take thing or people for granted, because it’s not right to undo for what you don’t want to happen to you too.

The most beautiful memory is not about how excited or complex it has been, but it is about how purity and simplicity have enriched your body, mind and energy and how those beautiful memories continue to ferment till the last moment in life.

We cried when we came, but can we leave with a peaceful smile, that’s the choice we can manage, in time.