Love is not just about telling each others that “I love you” but it is about honest devotion and actions to share life forever. The good time is easy but how about when is old, sick and having bad time? 
Today there are still many wo/men take their vows to the relationship casually. They calculate and expect to gain something in return in life.  But the love that they think they have by calculating and expecting in return can really last for long time? Well, put the index finger in the air and hope the wind will blow the way they want is going to be a stressful learning process when the time slips through their fingers without knowing.
A young presenter that I met in the Mederhedenforum made a great conclusion to the situation when wo/man chooses to break the family apart because s/he found a ‘new’ love; those who only think about what s/he wants but forget their responsibilities and obligations to the family and children, he said “If you were not able to commit, then don’t start to bring children to this world”. It sounds hard and strong, but it is a true advice.
In the school, children learn knowledge and skills to survive in the competitive world, but only in the family, children learn how to become a good human being. When you are growing up and enjoying new achievement at work, your parents are getting old every day.  The thought of “Wait until one day” probably will never come if you don’t action to show your love and passion to your parents in time.  Because time won’t wait.