Many years ago when attended a Knowledge Management Conference in Vienna, I had a conversation with a Belgian HR executive who was not happy with the conference because to him, he did not get more precised suggestions on how to manage knowledge.  I suggested him to get people involve in the organization change process and learn to ask questions, because often people don’t realize the value of knowledge and experience they have unless he’s willing to listen and to discover. He looked at me and said “You live in Belgium for many years, you should know Belgian top managers don’t ask questions but give instructions”.   His unwillingness made me speechless.

More than a decade later, again I come across with the subject of how to reinnovate the organization through unlocking potential talents.  The initial thought that I have is another question: Truely want to unlock what are potentially“out there, somewhere”in the organization or in a relationship?

The first thing is to unlock your own mind, free yourself from perceptive“layers of frame”and learn to listen without preconceive conclusions.

Before trying to unlock others, try to unlock yourself

Before trying to change others, try to understand and change yourself.

Before questioning others, learn to question self first.

So questions will be:

  • How much do you really know about yourself, 
  • Have you really try to listen and understand
  • How flexible you are willing to be.

Problems probably are coming from outside, but the key of change should right in your heart.

Can or will you able to discover and hold it in time? This not the question of TO BE OR NOT TO BE, but simply a question to find the key.