A news from Taiwan today caught my attention. One high school girl often felt dizzy and tire that affected her study greatly lately.  After examination, the doctor found out she suffered from serious iron deficiency, the cause was because she drank one big glass of iced milky bubble tea after each meal.

The general misunderstanding is that milk can supply calcium, but in fact the women, especially young women during the menstrual period can easily lose iron.

Iron is mainly present in red cells that carries oxygen to  various organs, also involved in the body’s metabolism.  According to the doctor, the iron deficiency will appear tired, dizziness, asthma, decreased athletic ability, heart rate, pale and other symptoms.

Image result for 珍珠奶茶Drinking beverage that contains milk & sugar, strong coffee or strong tea within 1 hour before and after meals can potentially cause health problem.

Indeed the taste of iced bubble tea is very delightful especially for young people who fun with fancy, sweet and icy drink.  There are many different ice tea recipes without milk and less sugar, but still the question is

Do you know what and how to take care of your own health?

Like many young people today, we never thought about getting age, and we thought we have plenty of time to achieve our dreams and we thought it’s enough if we could having good fun without knowing the clock is clicking without stopping.  We can’t stop the time, but we do can try to prolong the ageing process if we relised what and how to take care ourselves from food and drink everyday.