Friend asked me on Twitter which tea do I normally drink when feeling stress out.  I told him, I don’t specifically choose which type of tea, instead I simply follow my instinct on that moment or whatever comes into handy at that moment.  In this cloudy and greyish late spring morning, the thought of old Shui Xian came into my mind.  I only have very limited quantity but why not give myself a good treat.

The first impression: long shape hand-picked quality, traditionally processed with heavy oxidation and fermentation.

2016-06-01 10.14.07

Old Shui Xian

Why I call it ‘Old’ Shui Xian?  Because I have it for more than 12 years already.  So I have at least a clear and honest idea of how old is it.

2016-06-01 10.47.24

Choice of matching tea ware: ceramic Gaiwan and cup, so I can enjoy the warmth when holding the cup in my hands.
2016-06-01 10.17.35

The flavour from dried leaves is very very mild, but once it sat in the warmed Gaiwan, it woke up in very sexy and entice manner with its sweet blending of flora and caramel flavour.2016-06-01 10.20.23

Brewing: 3g in water temperature 95-99 Celsius; brewing time: 1 minute – 45 seconds – 1 minute

Enjoy the fine and smooth taste when the warm energy is rising on my back.

Origin: Fujian, China / Type: Shui Xian / 100% pure & nature quality / 2.5g:150ml / 95-99°C / multiple infusions >6-8