There are six typical boggy traps in tea drinking, even many experienced tea drinkers are falling into the temptation without knowing:

  1. Drinking tea with Empty Stomach or early in the morning before breakfast
  2. Drinking Strong Tea in the late evening
  3. Like to drink freshly made New Tea
  4. Drinking Excessive Quantity of tea
  5. Drinking too much Strongly Brewed Sheng Pu’erh
  6. Drinking tea after drinking Alcohol

Are you unconsciously falling into either one of it without knowing?

If drinking tea is not for health, then perhaps the healthiest drink is water. Whether you believe in reconcillation, life after life or not, the reality is we only live once in this life.

Your health is not relying on which tea you drink, it depends on how you take responsibility on the choice you make in everyday life.