It is great to see tea lovers try to share their knowledge about tea with more people. But it is very important to get the basic knowledge right first.

In one of the Youtube video clip that I was invited to take a look today, I was surprised when I saw the presenter introduced White Tea first by saying that white tea is coated with white hair and it’s the first choice of 1 or 2 leafs.

I think first of all, white tea is not always have white hair coating. There are different types of white tea; the difference is because of quality grades, each is named differently as well, also the oxidation processes are different in the production.

Due to limit of time, so it is not possible for me to go through with him. Also it is hard to help someone to learn more about tea without being able to share a cup of tea together.

Tea is simple, but there are much to learn; its complexity is because of its simplicity. Learning the right things is important and leaning things right is even more important.

Today there are many unconsolidated information posted on line.  Unless you have the correct basic knowledge, otherwise can be easily mislead without knowing. To those who love tea and would like to learn more about tea, my suggestion is to find a good teacher as coach or mentor.