How to brew tea?
What is the right brewing method for tea ceremony?
1:10? 1:30? 1:50? 1:75? 1:100? or ….?

Frankly speaking are there right or wrong answers to these questions? Is the answer limited to quantity/volume only?

Each tea even from the same type, from the same region, but even same tea from different season and/or making process can create different characters. Tea is not a Rockefeller science but it is about nature and how to understand and adapt to the nature that to bring out the best taste.

As to the answer to tea ceremony, the answer will be another question – what do you want to achieve or to be enlightened from the process?  It is about process, but yet not limited to process only.

“Cha Dao” in short can be translated as “The way of tea”. The question will be which way? for who? what and how?  What can we learn from the Chinese character of Zen “禪” which can break into two parts “衣 Yi : Cloth” and “單 Dan : Single”?