Pvcm_s_kf_m160_160x106reparing a cup of tea is very easy, you only need tea, water and tea ware. Once you want to learn more, then will realize there are much more deeper and richer details for you to path the way to open the door for the life-time journey of tea.
You probably think you know a lot of tea already because you have already tasted many teas, but guess what? There are always more you haven’t tasted yet.
People like to talk about health, many even are spending a lot of money on clothes, cosmetic, health supplements, fitness club and/or wellness centre to lose weight or for relaxation, but what kind of actions they really are willing to take? It’s a matter of what and how they make choices in life.
Good quality tea seems expensive when you pay the bill, but do you know all you need is about 3g – 5g for one day, the cost of each cup of nature healthy drink is even less than Coca Cola or soft drink? When you can pay attention to sustain a well balance life style, you can reduce the medical cost?
Which tea can help me to reduce stress?
There is no tea can relax you, only when you are able to take time for yourself to enjoy a moment of calm and peace, can.
Which tea is the best choice of diet tea?
Tea has many health benefits, but it is not medicine. Want to lose weight, start from paying attention to life style is better than considering tea as the only solution, and pay attention to the change of conditions and energy.