Many years ago when my elder son studied in UIA, one day he came to me and told me his professor gave him an assignment to proof the ‘scientific evident’ that Chinese traditional treatments work. I did not know what kind of evident that professor intended to find, but there are many people willing to testify its benefits, including myself.
in one hand, I fully understand the scepticism from some people, and I also would like to suggest people to check with the family doctor when they get sick.  Don’t try to play the doctor yourself, certainly I will not recommend to try the ‘ fancy alternative’ treatment based on self-perception.
Energy healing is not to replace the medical treatment for body, but it is, indeed, a slow healing process for body and mind.
Relaxing and trusting the inner self is a learning process. When we are able to submit, able to relax body and mind, and are willing to accept and to receive, then the energy flow is getting smoother.
There is no medicine or even tea can help us to destress when we are not able to give ourselves some time to relax and to heal.
Chinese practice the Qigong healing exercises for thousands of year, today there are many western scientific researches have also confirmed the benefits.
Relaxing body and mind do help the inner healing process. But questions are do you know what, when and how to practice correctly? Do you know, one can also perform such energy healing to her-/himself.
I don’t know what quantum physics is about, but I do know one simple thing, even though we can’t see the air, but we feel the wind and we know its existence.
One detail is critical for those who are either interesting or have doubt about the alternative treatment that such alternative exercises or practices won’t work with people who are sceptical.