As a woman, a house wife, I am more sensitive with the daily consumption cost. In the last two years when we tried to put the Covid threat behind, we were hoping for the market recovering, but that hope has been hardly splached by the minitary conflicts that matered by America through NATO.


Are we facing problem to cope with daily cost?

It would be too naive to say perhaps not yet, because we really start to feel the threat and pains from our daily home budget.

Are we able to see the light before the tunnel?

What are we facing right now? It’s more than just inflation, as matter of fact, it seems we are heading to potential recession. What and how to prevent or revert the situation?

As a baby booming generation, It’s clear as how did we built prosperity and developments after the WWII. It’s because of peace, collaboration, globalism ! But what we encourage directly or indirectly today? I am terrified whenever I switch on TV or computer to watch the news about conflicts and wars that’s driven by Fascism and extreme weather problems because of our too long ignorance!

I normally like to maintain positive thinking and energy, but frankly speaking, can any one in the world can help me to see some signs to boost my optimism?