We don’t have the stamp on the package for fair trade, WE SIMPLY DO FAIR TRADE.

We don’t have the organic label on the package, WE AND OUR PARTNERS SIMPLY  COMMIT TO ECO BALANCE. Just because Nature and health are important.

We believe each pesticide analysis  handles by European laboratory to assert the organic quality serves as more true evident than stamp or label.

Do we have to “visit” the tea garden and “check” the quality every year? No, we don’t have to with the close partnership with friends who share the crazy commitment. Especially when we choose to work base on partnership, commitment and trust to the Mother Nature, wisdom from Chinese old traditions, health and QUALITY.

Honesty and commitment not only important to TEA, NATURE  but also to  friendship in life.

If we have more profit, we rather to invest on tea but not on hotels and flight tickets for pleasure.

There is only one planet we treasure, and we are committed to eco-balanced healthy tea.