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Tea Enlightenment

Have a cup of tea to ease thirst, enjoy drinking tea;

Appreciate hard works for tea, have tea in heart;

Have fun living zen, appreciate zen in tea;

Practice zen in every moment in every minute, experience zen enlightenment in tea.

©copyrighted Mei Lan Hsiao, Antwerp, 4/4/2020

>500 years old Gushu is injured

OMG, What a crime!

The responsible person who takes care and have rights to harvest tea picking from the >500 years old GuShu (ancient tea tree)in  WuDong Shan village, for FengHuang DanCong, went to check that growing status, she was shocked by the destroying of some branches.

This crime has been reported and now is handled by the police in FengHuang Mountain Range. Hope they can catch the responsible criminals and punish them severely.

Please don’t even try to think or speak about human rights, because those who.committed such crime don’t deserve any right.

©copyrighted Mei Lan Hsiao, Antwerp/Belgium, 3/4/2020

Masks War Update

International political driven pressure to China has never seized even with the worsen situation of #COVID19 #Coronavirus worldwide pandemic. Recent unfaired and racist attacks from #mouthmasks eventually have touched the bottom line and are now facing counter reactions from China government.

China strictens the quality standards fir export

Starting from 1/4/2020 not only #mouthmasks but all medical supplies and equipments must have the quality testing certificate/report that product quality have been tested and approved according to China standards in order to receive a quality testing certificate/report issued by any from 48 approved quality verification organizations. Right now there are 48 companies are verified and approved by #CNAS can provide the quality checking and approval certificate; such testing report is issued in Chinese and CNAS logo should be appeared on the testing report. Cargoes will only be allowed for export shipment with such testing certificate/report and requires an written acceptance agreement from oversea buyers.

International quality testing community should work with CNAS to establish an universal quality testing standards in terms of testing methods and acceptance of the testing result. Otherwise no medical supplies can be shipped out. Also transhipment is not allowed.

The international quality testing community shouldn’t downgrade the CNAS quality standards without consulting. Also back fight to deny quality testing report issued by other European countries won’t help the problem situation that we are facing collaterally.

The China government point of view is very clear “

Those recent unfair accusations and complaints about the mask quality forced the China government to set stricter guidelines for the mouth masks export.  I hope the linked information are useful for you.

The point of view from China government is clear : “We do care about the quality of medical supplies for live saving; they don’t have to buy if they don’t accept our standards and testing certificate/report we approved.

China has suffered a lot from the outbreak of #COVID19 #Coronavirus in #WuHan. They have established very strict quality standards that shouldn’t missed up the international business tractions if importers or buyers did mot pay attention to make clear with specifications and required quality standards.

That’s why for weeks I tried to urge your attention that customers should know what they are buying and should give very clear specifications and quality standards before hands.

Complaints and put the blames to China is not fair to handle the situation, certainly it is not able to ease the pandemic situations that our medical personnel are facing right now.

When virus outbreak happened in WuHan, there were many international donated masks did not meet the surgical masks (N95, FFP3)standards, so they sent medical quality experts from hospitals and Red Cross to classify masks. Those unqualified masks were distributed to community for civilian protection masks use.China and Chinese people did not make any complaints, even though many masks did not meet the medical mask standards, China and Chinese people still showed gratitude to the humanitarian generosity and friendship.

copyrighted by Mei Lan Hsiao, 2/4/2020

Song for Coronavirus Fight

The news of Corona virus outbreak happened in WuHan, we were shocked as billions of Chinese in China on how fast it was quickly spreading and deadly threats from this unknown virus. It rages the world by its powerful speed and deadly threats that we never though it can spread so fast and cause so much fear and panic with the jumping numbers of infection and fatalities in the world.

Today international medias also recognized the early announcement of “lockdown” guidelines that our government issued effective on 13/03/2020 helped to save thousands of live. In the past, when we talk about globalization, we talk about impacts from the world changes, however, we have never thought about one day we will face for what are happening right now that we can’t shake hands, no hugging or kissing as basic social greeting; the normal retail market operations and live styles will be setting onto a paused status.

Earth shaking news and rumors constantly mentioned on TV, radio and internet, but the bottom line questions we face are: What is that all about? What should I do? How should I face and handle the new way of living?

Filip Bauters, Belgian music composer
Filip Bauters, Belgian music composer

A 55 years old Belgian music composer, Filip Bauters, a father of three great children and four happy grandchildren, who studied music at the Ghent conservatory and has been busy with music all his life everyday shares the same stressful worries as many people that we all try to process the current Coronavirus situation in our own way, decided to compose a music and to share the song for the Coronavirus fight with the world.

When Alice asked me would I be interesting to cooperate with Filip who composed a melody which he would like to have in different language, of course includes Chinese, so people around the world could share the message of solidarity through a song. Without hesitation, I immediately said ‘Yes” to this meaningful project.

It is not so easy to translate the original Dutch text to Chinese, I can only do my best to grasp the essence messages for unity that Filip would like to express by considering the melody flow. This is such fun and meaningful project that I look forwards to other language version on the #youtube soon.

Hope the monster will yield soon

Here I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Filip Bauters again for giving me this opportunity to participate this beautiful and meaningful project .

Drinking tea correctly

We still don’t know the original source of #Coronavirus, but we do start to have more information about this tiny evil monster that it targets people whose immunity is not top regardless age and this deadly virus can cause live threatening complex problems.

Before medical and medicine research scientists can develop effective medicines and vaccines, the only things we can do are

  • Following the guidelines for #socialdistancing,
  • Maintaining balanced and healthy diets,
  • Paying extra attention on hygienic care
  • Learning and adapting new social behaviors,
  • Remaining calm and positive energy
  • Every detail helps to strengthen the immunity system.

Here under is my response to a marketing email from a tea supplier today:

Yes, there are plenty health benefits from tea. The medical effects on immunity system in this COVID-19 pandemic situation becomes more interesting and important. However, as a responsible tea person, I choose to be more cautious to give bold suggestions without solid facts and research data. 

People who want to profit health benefits from teas, must consider the basic 5W1H: Who, Which, What, When, Where, and How. 

Tea Research Scientists of University in Zhejiang and Yunnan started the further research in tea since the virus outbreak happened in WuHan, so far the result from testings of EGCG is very encouraging. 

Hopefully we will soon will have more concrete research facts and results.  Till then enjoy a cup of pure quality specialty tea that matches with your health conditions and requirements. 

©copyrighted by Mei Lan Hsiao, 31/03/2020

Long Jing Teabag

Accompanied Ivo to Volvo garage for testing drive where I was delightfully able to have a cup of tea from a German tea company. Among flavored infusion teas, of course I chose the Long Jing (Green Dragon, Lung Ching), which marked as Chinese green tea from Spring.

The German tea company suggest infusion time almost 5 minutes according to the drawing.

The water temperature in the garage was pretty low, with the first tea bag, I tried 1 minute, and as have expected flavors were weak and the taste was pretty flat. With the 2nd tea bag, I increased the steeping time to 2 minutes. Because the,water temperature was too low so flavors stayed weak, even though the taste was a little bit stronger, but still not significant enough.

So I took few tea bag home for further evaluation.

Hope descriptions on each photo is able to give you a better idea about the tea evaluation tonight.

One common sense about Chinese SPeciality Green Tea, the market value for Spring harvests is high, nomally are picked by hands and quality classification is very high in flavors and tastes. So, basic questions for this tea bag will be exactly from where and in which season.

Why love drinking Pu’erh tea?

Recently a Chinese Pu’erh expert, Mr. Lin Mo, concluded his thoughts of loving pu’erh tea in a pretty simple statement:

There are at least three simple reasons for pu’erh tea lovers: taste good, endured strength in taste and aftertaste.

So, what are my reasons for loving pu’erh tea? Actually I can conclude my reasons briefly as follow:

  • The definition of “good flavors and tastes” can be varied from person to person;
  • Being able to drink strong tea does not equivalent to knowing tea and know how to appreciate tea.
  • The post fermentation process of pure and fine processed quality in both raw pu’erh (Sheng Pu’erh)and ripped pu’erh (Shou Pu’erh)can surprise tea lovers by its varied multiple layers in flavors and tastes from different brewing.
  • Can tea lovers appreciate the changing in flavors and endured strength in tastes from what pu’erh tea can present, it subjects to how much tea lovers know how to distinguish and appreciate..

It does not matter what your preferences in flavors or tastes are, it doesn’t matter how are your physical and energy conditions in different seasons, you always can find one matching drink in pu’erh tea.

Taste Evaluation: FengHuang DanCong #3

Received a surprised #teasample parcel from #guangdong today, there are 3 different quality grades of #fenghuang #dancong and 2 quality grades in #blacktea.

#TeaEvaluation #FHDC Grade 3:

  • lightly charcoal roasted with sweet in warm floral flavour, similar as #yashixiang.
  • The #aftertaste in the 2nd brewing is more clear than the 1st brewing, more in woody note and with refreshing taste
  • The spicy herbal note shines through in the 3rd brewing, the taste remains fine smoth, sweet and refreshing
  • Easily allow more than 6 brewings

It is delightful to enjoy the spirit from old tea trees.

The Future Is Not a Dream

The future is not a dream, as long as

We work hard when we must

We are doing our best to fulfil our responsibilities and obligations to self, to family and to society;

When we are willing to appreciate for what we have and able to keep our heads up when we can.

Then dreams that we have for the future will eventually realized, step by step.

我們的未來不是一個夢, 衹要我們能夠持續的努力,盡好自己應盡的責任,只耍我們能夠及時的表達我們對生命,對家庭,對社會應有的尊重以及責任,那麽未來的夢一定能夠逐步的實現。

Sharing a lovely Chinese song with my family and all friends

“My Future is not a dream”
sang by Zhang YuSheng

Inspiration from the song:

Are you alike me, keeping head down under the heating sun, working hard silently and sweat?

Are you alike me, busy with searching around, searching for a kind of unexpected gentleness the wholeday long?

Are you alike me, even though have been ignored and mistreated, yet don’t want to give up hopes for what I have hoped for?

Are you alike me, have trapped in the mist alone, feel helpless, feel like standing on the crossroads repeatedly when don’t know where to go?


I don’t care what other people think or say, I consistently hold on the stronge beliefs for love that I have promised to myself.

Because I know my future is not a dream. I manage every minute in life as the best way that I can do.

My future is not a dream when my heart vibrates with hopes.

My life continuously vibrates with hopes because my life is not a dream.

Time won’t Wait

When you are young, beautiful, handsome, strong and healthy, you don’t think or worry about time;the self confidence and desires for having fun in life can drive your hormone crazy that you think you have plenty of time and you can master the game in life.

A perfect and romantic gift to re-validate the wedding vows for love
from Rose D’Avers

Probably you think you have plenty of time to mandate relationship damages later in the future. Or, you don’t realize what kind of impacts from your decisions and action are actually doing to yourself or to others around you? Or you simply don’t care?

“The circle of cause and result never ends, it sometimes is not happening instantly but eventually will happen (因果循环,疏而不漏)”

But what does future really mean? Will time stands still and wait for you? Do you really think you can abuse time because you are young and beautiful now? You really believe no matter what you do, time will show mercy by standing still or you can fulfill your beautiful dreams without consequence in the future? That is the puzzled question to all relationships in life.

Are you still waiting, dreaming and hoping for what you want to have by throwing what you already have now away?

Time won’t wait.

The time is fair and the clock is ticking without stopping. Without knowing the number of wedding invitations in the mailbox are replaced by divorce announcements or funeral invitations.

Just hope it is not too late to realize what is the most important in life is having someone to share a peaceful moment when hairs turn to grey, someone is still sharing the simple loving days even when the face is covered with wrinkles, the back is no longer straight and eyelids are getting heavy.

One who takes time lightly will lose time without knowing; one who takes love for granted won’t find peace in love.

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