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The Future Is Not a Dream

The future is not a dream, as long as

We work hard when we must

We are doing our best to fulfil our responsibilities and obligations to self, to family and to society;

When we are willing to appreciate for what we have and able to keep our heads up when we can.

Then dreams that we have for the future will eventually realized, step by step.

我們的未來不是一個夢, 衹要我們能夠持續的努力,盡好自己應盡的責任,只耍我們能夠及時的表達我們對生命,對家庭,對社會應有的尊重以及責任,那麽未來的夢一定能夠逐步的實現。

Sharing a lovely Chinese song with my family and all friends

“My Future is not a dream”
sang by Zhang YuSheng

Inspiration from the song:

Are you alike me, keeping head down under the heating sun, working hard silently and sweat?

Are you alike me, busy with searching around, searching for a kind of unexpected gentleness the wholeday long?

Are you alike me, even though have been ignored and mistreated, yet don’t want to give up hopes for what I have hoped for?

Are you alike me, have trapped in the mist alone, feel helpless, feel like standing on the crossroads repeatedly when don’t know where to go?


I don’t care what other people think or say, I consistently hold on the stronge beliefs for love that I have promised to myself.

Because I know my future is not a dream. I manage every minute in life as the best way that I can do.

My future is not a dream when my heart vibrates with hopes.

My life continuously vibrates with hopes because my life is not a dream.

Time won’t Wait

When you are young, beautiful, handsome, strong and healthy, you don’t think or worry about time;the self confidence and desires for having fun in life can drive your hormone crazy that you think you have plenty of time and you can master the game in life.

A perfect and romantic gift to re-validate the wedding vows for love
from Rose D’Avers

Probably you think you have plenty of time to mandate relationship damages later in the future. Or, you don’t realize what kind of impacts from your decisions and action are actually doing to yourself or to others around you? Or you simply don’t care?

“The circle of cause and result never ends, it sometimes is not happening instantly but eventually will happen (因果循环,疏而不漏)”

But what does future really mean? Will time stands still and wait for you? Do you really think you can abuse time because you are young and beautiful now? You really believe no matter what you do, time will show mercy by standing still or you can fulfill your beautiful dreams without consequence in the future? That is the puzzled question to all relationships in life.

Are you still waiting, dreaming and hoping for what you want to have by throwing what you already have now away?

Time won’t wait.

The time is fair and the clock is ticking without stopping. Without knowing the number of wedding invitations in the mailbox are replaced by divorce announcements or funeral invitations.

Just hope it is not too late to realize what is the most important in life is having someone to share a peaceful moment when hairs turn to grey, someone is still sharing the simple loving days even when the face is covered with wrinkles, the back is no longer straight and eyelids are getting heavy.

One who takes time lightly will lose time without knowing; one who takes love for granted won’t find peace in love.

Shadow Box in Life

Have learnt a new management vocabulary today, “Shadow Box“.— a group of non-executive employees that works with senior executives on strategic initiatives. The purpose? To leverage the younger groups’ insights and to diversify the perspectives that executives are exposed to. This all sounds great, but what is the reality? Can the sounding board from younger workers and non-executive senior staffs can help the top executives see well what need to be changed? The real challenge probably would be “will the executives who have the power to influence the implementation are really willing to listen and act to change”.

When thinking this explanation deeper, I think the purpose of having a ‘shadow box’ is not limited to the change management in organization development only. In fact many people are struggled by two problems in life:

  • Disengagement – Often how many people (even closest partner or friends) are willing to act together without separate agenda but a collective goal for a longer period of time? Checking reality regularly is necessary.
  • Weak response – when it seems we are surrounding by many friends that we ultimately expect they are willing to listen but again we quickly realize in the process that many of them only interest in their own problems or even have different agenda and there are only few willing to engage and listen. It is normal, there are many “acquaintances” but only few “good friends” who are truly willing to listen, urge us to face the truth and to identify solutions for problem solving in life.

When we think we have many friends, but when we need friends to listen and to give us guidance because of facing puzzles, having troubles or in stress, we will quickly confront a challenge of how many are there truly willing to listen? To get us out from trouble situations in life, what we really need are not those who seems agreeing with kind words or give us suggestions that they can’t even act for themselves but not truly willing to listen. As matter of fact actually what we really need are few friends who can maintain objectiveness and urge us to examine the situation and push us to take actions that we need to take in order to get ourselves out from the trouble situation, step by step, without judgement.

In life, the reality teaches us few crucial facts: We can only reduce disappointments with the least expectations and God only helps those are willing to help themselves to put their feet on the ground and act forwards.

Even though the sky is grey, but the sun is still shinning above the cloud and waiting to shine through at the right time if we could wait it with patience.

Only those who are strong dare to examine the inner-self and clear the mist in the situation in order to identify actions to take; those who are weak only try to find excuses to explain the situation that they want to think or even push the blames on others by lying to themselves..

The Moment

Photo shared by @bertjanssens_photography

Just keep #inhale and #exhale, number is not the issue, but how do we manage each breath is.

Life is not limited by numbers of breathing, but how do we #accept, #adapt and #keeptrying.

I am the captain of my soul. Don’t ask the #why, #justdo with a clear #consciousness. Good people never walk alone.

Don’t ask why I am here, because I am already here;

Don’t ask where I am going because I walk on the path I choose;

Don’t ask when my journey will end because I am trying my best everyday without counting.

Moment only last a moment that we can’t redo, just do my best to make best from every moment because it is my duty, my choice, my life.


Yes, I am changing

The Nature needs you, I and everyone

2020 is waiting at the coener,before wishing for #peace,#harmony,#joy and #prosperity for the coming year,it is time for us to reflect for what have happened that affected not only to our life, to our health, most importantly what have our actions have affected the change to the Mother Nature.

How true for what Rajiv wrote me back in his comment

The entire way of life has to be changed if we want to co-exist with the Nature”.

It is time to increase the awareness not only ecological but alao economical issues in every consumption in daily life.

Good quality tea provides us not only fine flavors and good tastes,each of those fine quality teas should also meet our believes and supports to the eco-balanced  principles to the Nature,meanwhile provides us various lovely and healthy choices for a sustainable economical lifestyle because of the possibility for multiple brewings.

Let’s don’t just talk about our worries for the Nature and fears for the future,let’s take actions to show our determination to protect the Nature and for a better peaceful and harmonous future by spreading essence of #sharing,#respect
#equality #peaceandharmony through tea,through goidcquality Eco-tea.

#ecobalanced #ecotea

Tea can not be copied

The utmost important learnings for #teasommeliers are not about tea ceremony but more about tea.

Tea trees can be migrated,tea production methods can be learned,but unique characters in flavors and tastes are hard to be copied.

Tea can not be copied

Learnings from Tea to Leadership

The path of tea is more than a tea path or passion for tea, but is more about how to become a better person with clear conscioysness and capability to maintain the inner peace from a simple moment of inhale and exhale.

If one can’t even respect tea, can’t even honest to own body, what is the chance for s/he has geniune respects and honest to others?

Wellness is not just what should you do or which tea you should but is about actions on energy balance in body and mind, everyday.

How does learnings from tea can link with leadership developments? Have a cup of warm tea, lean backwards, close your eyes and walk with me ……..

Imagine the peaceful conditions you need for the health of your body ……..

Imaging the positive and well streamlined energy to facilitate positive energy in mind ………

When you can consciously relax your sub-consciousness, when you are willing to listen and respect…. how that feeling of empowerment and trust do your body and mind?

What Can Tea Do For You

This is what Lu Xun, a famous Chinese writer, essayist, poet, and literary critic writer in the early 19th century, said about what can tea do for us:

Drinking tea helps to improve IQ, EQ and sense of happiness in life almost by 86.4%.

In other words, a critical thinker as Lu Xun also confirmed what we can profit from drinking tea based on his personal mexperience. Drinking tea not only helps to improve health conditions by serving the needs for healthy lifestyle; a tea time also means we are giving ourselves a quality moment to enjoy the tranquility and calmness with a cup of tea that helps to elaborate the level of thinking and feeling in more peaceful and joyful manners without being impulsed.

But Lu Xun left us a silent smile to the question : Where to purchase the good quality tea.

©copyrighted Mei Lan Hsiao, 16/11/2019

Human, The Heart of Heaven and Earth

There is time from the Heaven to stimulate the growth of the Nature

There are plenty of minerals in Earth to neurite the growth of the Nature

Only those People who are wise know how to adapt and mange the Nature.

The interpretation of the meaning of universal based on the humane values by great Confucian scholar in Ming Dynasty, Chen Lai of Li Ji (禮記, 禮運篇), he wrote “Human, the heart of heaven and earth; the beginning of five elements”.

Can his interpretation be applied to understand problems that we are facing today in the world? The answer definitely is positive.  When we examine the cause of those global warming chaos that we are facing today from the Nature and in the world, it all points directly to the source of decayed hearts – Greediness﹑Insanity﹑Idiotic; Jalousie﹑Hates and Desires.  

If the heart beholds respect, believes in the greater good, then Buddha is in his/her heart, why bother to search from far?  If we could treat the Nature and people with kindness and beholds greater love in our heart, then love is in everywhere.

If we could open our mind to embrace universal humane values and without differentiative minds, we all respect morals and willing to follow the boundary of laws and orders, in this case, there will be peace in the family and society, then eventually we can think of peace in the world.

The removal of the devil from heart can only be dealt with by finding peace in heart, by controlling egoism and shaping behaviors. Starting from self but not expecting from others.

Those people say they know but can’t act based on what they know are actually not knowing.

The greatest stupidity in the world is driven by egoism and selfishness.

When we look at the mirror everyday what and who do we see? 

Before pointing finger towards others, perhaps should first examine the self that the other three fingers are pointing at. Therefore, before trying to correct other people’s wrong doing, we should first examine if we also made the same mistakes; before preaching good manners and morals, should first ask ourselves if we have been acting according to morals with good manners, to who, when, where and how. Still today, I remember what my late father said to me repeatedly in my upbringing:

You can connect with the best teacher from within if you could examine own deeds at least three times a day.

Most flowers are gone, the grass is getting rusty dried, trees are getting bold and the wind breeze is getting colder, the re-examination of those old moral learning in this cold greyish afternoon keeps my heart warm.  Even though I am more than ten thousand miles away from my birthplace for many years, but the family rules and Chinese traditional moral teachings are always crystal clear as Autumn moon in heart.  People probably will forget me one day, but I will never forget who I am, and I will continuously walk on the path that I chose cheerfully.

copyrighted Mei Lan Hsiao, 15/11/2019

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