Tasting you

What a joyful reunion of two old friends

even though it wasn’t long ago

but each time it’s like two old friends who met after a long time

Each reunion is such wonderful moment with joyful tear and heart full emotion

Such passion that can neither be described with words nor be melted even with ice from the North Pole.

Tasting you

It is like listening to the charm that hangs on the horse neck

It guides me to the ancient tea route with the sound of clink, clink, clink

Every step we move forwards, a new path is opened before us that has no end.

Old friend

even though you are far from the South, at the edge of cloud,

and yet you are so close to my heart

Silently you emerge with the beautiful harmony in Nature

Silently you enrich the healthy living, bring us joy

and guard us through the wisdom of Confucian, Taoism and Buddhism

It doesn’t matter which comes first, tea or people, just because you are already here.

Old friend,

With you, there are so many amazing stories and secrets of ancient tribes to tell

With you, we taste the harmony melody of heaven, earth and human, we realize the virtue of keeping head down

Time passed by without a trace

you have turned, turned, turned around for  thousands of year

and yet are still turning

You have been through many storms and changes

You have witnessed many turmoil and chaos

You stand straight quietly, do your best to survive and hope we can listen

You shed so many tear for human errors, your voice has not been heard and yet we fail to listen

Puerh Tea

One ancient Chinese name

It brings the gentle breeze and the whisper from the Nature

One big leaf that has many legends and surprises

One big leaf that has varied flavor and taste that transformed in time

My heart is touched by the natural wisdom

Every cup opens a door for a new journey

A true friend that enlightens my day in the darkness, warms up my heart in the coldness

Its warmth frees my mind and its wisdom whispers to my soul

It’s my cup of tea

It’s Pu’erh