This morning I received an email to promote Yoga lesson today and was attracted to its highlight: Save Yourself From Afternoon Fatigue.  That is a very good and important health message.

Indeed in this warm late spring / early summer day, we sometime feel tire or even fatigue easily in the afternoon. But it is not everyone can have the luxury to find time or condition to exercise Yoga in the early morning or after lunch. But I do hope the following tips are useful to you:
Take time for tea breaks, i.e. 10 a.m. / 2,30 or 3:00 p.m..

Not only move yourself from the chair, move your mind from work, but also give yourself a break to enjoy a moment with yourself when enjoying a cup of water, coffee or, of course, if possible, a cup of tea.

I know many offices have automatic coffee/tea machine but it does not offer you any pure and good taste, most of all it contains too much sugar and artificial flavors. At this moment, I strongly suggest Sugar-free and keep away from having too much sugar and/or sweet

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desserts !

Cold brew lightly fermented Oolong to boost your energy with some refreshing flavors and tastes can be a good choice in the warm afternoon.


Do some simple stretching

Here I would like to encourage Managements who care about work performance, business growth, team work and work efficiency, then they should consider to promote mini office stretching exercise.
After all ONLY happy and healthy employees can assure you to enjoy positive and better working performance and business number.
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Having a siesta after lunch, even mini is good 
Actually close your eyes and enjoy a siesta after lunch is very helpful. Watch out your neck when enjoying a siesta. 
If you like to sit outdoor to enjoy sun and wind, then perhaps should sit under trees in the shadow instead of taking a sun bath, because the heat from sun and warm air probably will consume your energy but not giving. 

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Having refreshing sugar-free drink 
Have some slices of lemon with you, because a glass of lemon water is really refreshing.
Staying healthy is not difficult, you don’t need to invest a lot; fittness membership is fine but is not absolutely necessary; you don’t need an agenda to stay fit and healthy.
But you do need to take time and pay attention to every tiny detail. Because each detail counts and your health is important.