When talking about tea, often people like to compare which tea is better than the other tea by tea type, country by country, region by region, by altitude or even by the aging…… But actually which criteria define the basic quality differences in tea and what does a cup of tea do with your health?

In short, tea is more than a cup of delicious and healthy beverage; it reveals how do you care about your health and how well you know what and how to manage your energy in this fast changing and stressful reality today.

The answer to a cup of fine tea should be explored in the follow fundamental question areas:

  1. How much do you really know about tea?
  2. Are you really following tea or lead by preconceived decisions?
  3. Which processes are important to you to think about how to sustain health through tea?
  4. Do you know what and how to select tea before brewing tea in the cup?
  5. How well can you manage the tea brewing?
  6. Do you know what and how to consume tea per day?
  7. Last but no least, is tea just limited to a cup of tea?

Of course, there are typical parameters to define a fine cup of tea, but through the tranquility, purity and clarity in tea, we can deepen the learning in life.

I will be more than happy to share my experience and learning with tea lovers in the Berlin Tea Festival ( http://berlin-tea-festival.de/ ) on 23/11/2019.

Looking forwards to having a cup of tea with you in Berlin.