Tea and Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) emphasis the close distance between
When we were young, we thought we can concur the world and we have plenty of time to achieve many things.  But life will eventually  teach us it is not something to be concurred.  Name and fame from career achievement won’t last forever; it does not matter how rich we think we are, money can’t buy time, love and health.  Life itself is a journey that we need to learn how to face it and to manage each step with peace and ease in heart. That is learning of Ch’an (禪 Zen) in life.
Loving tea is the basic drive to start the journey
Knowing tea is the first and most basic step
Honest and humble attitude towards tea help you to identify the right direction, the way
Submit to learning helps you open the door and move forwards
Submit to life time learning helps you to move forwards on the path
Tea is more than just a cup of healthy beverage that provides us fine flavor and taste, when we are willing to submit to the learning of tea, the learning attitude and process provide us tools to engage the inner self and opportunity to explore the wisdom in life.