Do you know the remaining tea leaves after you enjoy the fine flavor and taste can also use to satisfy your economical demands for more ecological life style? Here some useful tips: P_20160807_104929[1]

  1. Tea is a perfect fat remover, it is a perfect and natural detergent to clean:
    1. the kitchen, i.e. the cooking place, exhaust hood, working table
    2. the floor
    3. cabinets
    4. furnitures
    5. windows
  2. Clean the wooden- or bamboo furniture with remaining tea
  3. Tea is a perfect bad odor absorber, so can use it
    1. Remove the bad odor by cleaning the refrigerator
    2. Place the redried leaves in the refrigerator to absorb the bad odor
    3. Place the redried leaves in sport shoes to absorb the bad odor
    4. Make shoe insoles with redried tea leaves to remove wet sweat smell
    5. Place the redried leaves in an unused sock and hang it in the area where you would like to reduce the bad odor
    6. Rings your mouth after brushing teeth (suitable temperature +/- 80°C
    7. Chows the tea leaves after eating garlics
    8. If pot has bad or fishy smell, can cook tea leaves with that pot to remove the bad odor
  4. Tea helps water circulation and ease the irritation because of bacterial , i.e.
    1. Helps to remove eye bag150G54b9-0
    2. Helps to ease the irritation in eyes

(Using a glass of warm tea to steam the puffy eyes

  1. Can wash face with tea to ease the irritation of acnes and fat
  2. Give your feet a tea bath after a long working day when your feet are swelling
  3. When feet feel itching , give your feet a bath with tea leaves, ginger and vinegar, then rub your feet with ginger that cover with tea leaves (use green tea but not black tea
  1. After tea leaves soaking in water for few days, then water your plants with tea water
  2. Can use the remaining tea leaves as natural fertilizer for plants in the garden, but avoid to use for the indoor plants
  3. Redried tea leaves, burn it as incense in toilet or ditch can get rid of mosquitoes or flies
  4. Place the redried tea leaves in the area where you would like to remove the moisture
  5. Natural conditioner for your hair, rings hair after shampoo, not only can remove fat but also soften your hair and restore the brilliant color
  6. Effectively remove black eyes: placed the air-dried tea bags in refrigerator and place tea bags on your eyes to remove black eye (make sure tea bags are well dried)
  7. Redried tea leaves to make a pillow (+/- 5 kgs)