A friend told me she saw a Pharmacy in Brussels is selling textile mask, washable and can replace the ‘filter’. So my friend asked the pharmacist, are you also selling the filter? The reply was “No”. So question will be, can this kind of textile mask really helps to reduce the risk against Coronavirus without or using ‘coffee” filter?

What is the purpose of wearing mask in this particular time? To create a fancy looking? or try to reduce risk of virus infection, particularly for those who are working in the hospital? It is not a funny joke to see our medical personnel wear non-medical masks in the hospital. Same thing for the citizen who will return to work in the space where they face challenge to keep the safe 1.5m safety distance at work or in the shop or in any venue.

The textile mask is washable and allows reuse.  But it should have a protective filter in between two layers of textile fabric.  So the question would be : Is there a PM2.5 antibacterial filter between the front textile and inner layer of textile?

I have high respect to doctors and nurses and medical & health specialists because of their education and certificates, but it is sad to watch such unscientific demonstration to the fight against the aggressive Corornavirus.

Hope the following checking points are useful for you to choose the textile mask for the reopening:

  • The antibacterial efficiency %
  • The breathing level
  • You should have more than 1 or 2 masks so you can wash it everyday after use
  • There is life limited for the antibacterial filter, normally is 7 days under normal conditions
  • Textile masks are not recommended for those who already have breathing problem or children younger than 3 years old.
  • The government should be cleared with the import regulation and selling permission in order to avoid the chaotic situation happened to masks
    • Before the pandemic, masks were allowed to sell freely in shops / supermarkets
    • when the pandemic happened, retail of masks was not allowed otherwise can face severe fine punishment
    • Since today the non-medical masks are free to sell in shops

Even though the photo from hospital alert my worries about the ‘professional sense’ from some medical personnel, but still it is better to check with your family doctor or local specialist before buying masks.

©Mei Lan Hsiao, 04/05/2020, Antwerp

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