Tea is naturally authentic and straight, there is no variance of high or low. Human’s nature is also born naturally pure and simple. Each person has unique preferences and viewpoints for flavor and taste.
Same type, quality grade and quantity of tea can have different color, flavor and taste when water and the brewing methods are different.  The self perceptive like or dislike when tasting tea create various perceptions and the self-perceptions creates differentiation.
The learning must starts from the basic theory, but the learning shouldn’t be limited to the theory only.  Those who truly want to learn tea, then must learn how to lay down the differentiative mind, maintain the learning attitude, genuine listening, respective and honest mind and actions.
Whenever can enjoy a cup of tea that suit myself, the touching feeling is not measurable by price.  The most valuable is that connecting moment of peace and joy.
Good tea needs not be very expensive, very expensive tea may not the one suit myself.  So why bother to follow the fashion games, certainly there is no need to show off; simple appreciation and thankfulness will guide me further.
Each tea has a story and in the past thousands of year there are plenty fantastic legends.  It does not matter how amazing the story is, it’s still just a story.  Life that we have been through is not a imaginative story but accumulation of many experiences, whether it’sgood or bad, luck or misfortune, there is nothing we can undo it. How to manage the past memory is a critical learning; how to handle with ease is an important task.
The most valuable in life is “Genuine”, the treasure is “Suitable”. Tasting a cup of tea is like this, so as in life.  Past has already pasted, future is not yet coming, so why bother to waste energy on envy, sigh, jealousy or regret.  When keeping head down, there are you and I. The moment when we are able to share the fine taste, able to enjoy the heart touching feeling, the thankful heart is the greatest reward.