Wu-Wo Cha Dao 無我茶道

Tea, philosophies and enlightenment practice through tea cover all aspects to reach peace and harmony in body and mind through continued self-discipline and act on morals are critical principles in the mental and health cultivations in Chinese tea culture for Way of Tea (Chinese Cha Dao 中華茶道). The emphasis in Chinese tea culture is not limited to health, in fact, it covers much broader in the social cultur level and the spiritual civilization level in depth.

Wu-Wei (無為) is based on ancient Taoism philosophy, it literally means “inexertion” or “inaction” that commonly referred to an ideal form of leadership.  The concept of Wu-Wei (無為) emphases respecting to the Nature, the behavior modification and corrections in mentality and behaviors, starting from self before imposing on others. Inaction sounds passive, but actually it sets higher standards for proactive thinking and behaviors. 

In the time when we have great concern about the ecological balance in the Nature and how it affects our life, perhaps we should try to understand the level of interactive relationships and responsibilities behind the philosophical text written by the ancient Chinese political and philosopher, Guanzi:

The heaven dominates the righteous, the earth dominates the peace and man dominates the calmness

天主正, 地主平, 人主平靜 .

These two Chinese characters, Wu-Wei 無為, are easy to translate individually but difficult to implement in reality two words together without comprehending the meaning of Wu-Wo 無我 (Selfless).

The “I” is not in “Me”, but in “Everyone”

The philosophy in Wu-Wo Cha Dao 無我茶道 is not limited to how to perform the Chinese tea ceremony. The aim of Wu-Wo Cha Dao workshop aims to build and to correct the potential learning blocks through shaping behaviors, enhancing morals, enlightening calm and peace in body and mind.

形不正, 德不來; 中不靜, 心不治.  敬除其捨, 精將自來.

Each Wu-Wo Tea Gathering is an unique opportunity for tea lovers to get together when to share a moment of peace and harmony through tea.


In the Wu-Wo Cha Dao Workshop we start from the learning on how to prepare, to brew and to serve tea, meanwhile it goes far deeper to examine the wisdom in water, the practice of peace and harmony through self-disciplinary processes and social behaviors, and implementing the undifferentiating attitude through a circle of energy.

2-Day Workshop Program Outlines:

  • What is Dao
  • Enlightenment through Tea
  • Wisdom in Water
  • Alignment in Body and Mind
  • Incorporate with Breath Exercise
  • Meditation with Tea
  • Tea Setting for Wu-Wo tea ceremony
  • Rules and principles to follow in Wu-Wo Cha Dao
  • Building a Peaceful Circle of Tea


  • The program emphases Leaning-by-Doing, therefore lots of intensive exercises, reflections and exercises
  • Dressing code: Loose and comfortable
  • We will provide tea during the workshop, but the final exercise we encourage participants to bring their own tea and tea ware
  • Participants should bring:
    • Yoga mate and meditation cushion
    • Tea ware (Gaiwan or small teapot)
  • For the final exercise, participants should bring:
    • Tea
    • Tea mate
    • A thermo (1L)
    • Serving cup
    • 4 small drinking cups
    • Tea towel