Kong Que in English is Peacock.  Yin Kong Que is a raw Puerh made from solar dired big leaf tea trees from Yin Kong Que mountain region which is one of famous tea mountain.

The minorities who live in that region adore peacock for her elegant and beauty, that’s why they name the mountain as Kong Que Shan  where is known as “the Home of Peacock” in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.

The average age of tea tree: 100-300 years, situated on +/- 1600mt. Area.

The tea cake was compressed in 2013 and has been stored in air-flow dried warehouse.

The color of this tea cake has interesting colors like peacock opens her tail screen.  The tea has very interesting mellow smoke with the mixture of green and woody notes; it taste sweet, the mild astringent flavor and taste demonstrate its strength on your lips and teeth.