Often people asked me the question of how long can they store the tea, here is one example of a pack Jade Oolong that I have stored it more than 15 years.
When it’s young and fresh, this Jade Oolong charms you with refreshing and sexy flora flavor as a young and beautiful girl.  After the beauty being slept for 15 years , the original young and sexy flavor has calmed down. But once it’s being lightly roasted and awakened in warm water, the flavor is once again flourished.  
Instead of young and refreshing flavor, it surprises you with charming combination of smooth flora and sweet nuts flavors. The taste is soft and smooth with long lasting after taste.
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Well processed Oolong can also be stored for long time with the following basic requirements:
  1. The quality of tea base is very important 
  2. The tea base must be well processed (often lightly fermented and not well processed Oolong could have problem)
  3. Appropriate storing conditions and environment are critical