Chi Lan is an unique middle-sized tea leaf traditi onal tea tree for Oolong tea from Fujian and has a beautiful legendary story that a strange tea tree with pale green young buds in the wildness in Zhangzhou, using the ancient Oolong processingp_20161113_162917 technique, tea farmer discovered the tea has a very unique flora flavor from orchid so named it as “Chi Lan”.

Traditional process:

  • It follows the traditional fermentation and  wood fired processes
  • Semi- to heavy fermentation with light roasted by wood fire

Color: dark olive green


  • With the dried leaves, the flavor are mixture of flora, mint, grass
  • Once it’s being warmed up, the flora flavor jumps out and with a notion caramel p_20161108_164927
  • The flora flavor stays noticeable throughout multiple infusions


  • today I brew it : 4 gm / 200ml / 95-99°C  in Yixing clay tea pot (but can also brew it with porcelain Gaiwan or ceramic tea pot)
  • After the 1st rings process, keep the first infusion short, i.e. 20 – 30 seconds
  • Keep the same seeping time for the 2nd and the 3rd infusions
  • Can gradually increase the steeping time afterwards


  • The natural orchid flavor can intensify the taste in the first infusion, with long and complex after taste.  By shorten the seeping time, then you can control the taste
  • The sweet note becomes more noticeable from the 3rd infusion and onwards