ShanDong is the birth place of my mother, so I feel obliged to introduce something nice from my mother’s home town. Especially when it’s organic quality with natural fine flavour and taste, even with the infusion tea category of tea, and most importantly is because of its health benefits.
For those who love rose infusion tea should know not all roses would have the same flavor and taste regardless where it’s growing. The most suitable micro-environment and climate for rose is “The Subtropical area situated in between latitude 30 degree to 45 degree” on the planet.
The starting point of “One Belt One Road” for Rose starts from PinYin, ShanDong, China where is known as “Home of China Rose”.  The fine flavour and taste of Pinyin Rose infusion tea is contributed by its unique micro-climate on the Subtropical area and the soil.
For rose lovers probably can plan your visit to ShanDong, China in May when Pinyin is ready to celebrate for annual Rose Festival on 4 – 5 May.
Few unique points that I am proudly to mention about the Rose Infusion Tea from PinYin, ShanDong  are:
  1. The rose garden is under organic management
  2. Pick the flower when it’s slightly half opened when the energy for flavour and taste is reaching its best 
  3. Using the freezing drying technique to ensure the most pure and natural flavour and taste

Health Benefits

Rose contains rich vitamins A, C, B, E, K, and tannic acid; According to the Chinese Traditional Medicine practice, the Rose Infusion Tea can provide the following health benefits:

  • Can calm the emotion, anger and anxiety with its’ fine sweet and smooth flavour
  • Promote blood circulation, stimulate blood stasis, regulating menstrual
  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Protect the liver gastrointestinal function, long-term consumption can also help to promote metabolism
  • Rose has the effect of nourishing the blood flow; the skin would naturally look healthier and nicer with the improved blood cirulation.

Potential side affects:

Even though Rose infusion tea has many health benefits, but still it’s important to know your conditions first:

  • Rose has a convergence effect, those who suffer the constipation problem probably should not consume too much.
  • The natural character of Rose is mild, those who suffer from weak Yin strong Yang or excessive Yang should consume less.
  • Rose has a relatively strong efficacy to stimulate the blood stasis, girl/woman should consume less or not drink in the beginning of menstruation to avoid excessive blood flow; but definitely can enjoy it at the end of each menstruation.

Brewing Suggestion:

  • Avoid using too hot water, suggest to keep the water temperature max. 80 degree
  • Matching tea ware: glass, porcelain or enameled clay pot
  • Drink it when it’s warm.