Since the first outbreak happened in Wuhan to the raging global pandemic, we start to have some knowledge about Corona virus based on the accumulated observations and experience from those front line doctors and nurses who scarified or took risk of their live to help those infected patients.

Here is the summary from doctors who worked on the treatment for Cororna virus infection in WuHan, hopefully it gives us a clearer understanding different syndromes from Flue vs. Virus:

  • Air pollution: Dried coughing + sneezing
  • Having cold : coughing + slime + sneezing + running nose
  • Flue: Coughing + slime + sneezing + running nose + aching + fatigue + mild fever
  • Virus: Dried coughing + sneezing + aching + fatigue + high fever + breathing difficulties

Yesterday in New York City press conference, an American doctor said Corona virus is a very nasty virus, because some carriers don’t show any syndromes, otherwise testing positive even with the negative testing from the day before.

Hopefully with the continued down curve of infection numbers and increasing of healing numbers, our government will lift up the “home staying” policy, but it does not mean we should consider “We are freed”. We should still keep high alert because so far there is no effective medicines or vaccines. Even when we are able to reopen, it is better for us to continue the following practices:

  • Keeping social distancing
  • Washing hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Wearing mask in the public, particularly in the crowd environment
  • Consulting doctor before taking any medicines
  • Maintaining calm and positive energy

“To Be” starts from self

“Future” begins from today, right now.