There are lots of different famous green tea, but there are only few in Yellow Tea.  The braised yellowing process is the most unique techniques to diminish the bitterness and green note in green tea.  For those who would like to drink green tea but have problem with sensitive stomach, white and yellow tea are interesting alternatives.

YueYang tea farmYue Yang is an ancient city in Hunan that was built in 505 C.E. Besides the most well-known yellow tea, JunShan Yin Zhen,  there are also many fine quality of yellow tea in the region of Dong Ting Hu, so how to increase the market recognition, particular to attract the population, domestic and international, young and old who tend to choose tea based on flora and/or fruity aroma with sweet taste, is one of important mission for tea research institute in Hunan.

After almost two years research, finally the Lemon Yellow Tea is officially launched in 2016.

  • Lemon Yellow Tea use the 1 bud with two leaves as base
  • In the production, it assimilates the unique processes in White Tea (solar withering), Black Tea (almost heavy fermentation) and traditional Yellow Tea (Braised yellowing process).
  • Take advantage of super characters of tea leaves to absorb the natural fruity notes from pineapple, tangerine, lemon and lichee.
  • Syncrhonized flavour and taste from multiple infusions.
  • The natural scented process was so well managed that allowed the flavor and taste last in multiple infusions.

    The color is very dark due to heavy fermentation

    The color is very dark due to heavy fermentation

Rich and thick amber colorBrewing suggestions:

  • 3g : 150ml
  • Water temperature: 95 Celsius
  • Multiple infusions: 1 min – 45 sec – 1 min (gradually increase the infusion time according to your taste preference)
  • Matching tea ware: Porcelain gaiwan