The concept of “the ” means there is ‘only one’ in the world. But in the journey of learning tea or in the learning journey in life with the aim either for achievement, money, position or reputation, Image result for 古茶樹we should learn to recognise and accept the concept of ‘the best’ lasts only for a second; because there are more “better” and “even more better” exist without knowing.

Tea tree has never tried to be the best, it just tries to grow, slowly. It does not have any differentiation energy, simply standing in the wild nature and grow, silently. It allows people who recognise and able to draw its unique flavor and taste forth to create different legends of fine quality tea that people can enjoy, without judgement.

There is an end of life for human, but it’s not clear how long a tea tree can grow if there was no external harassing or not being over picked because of greediness.  When we take care of the natural life cycle of tea trees, it’s like taking care of our own mind cultivation.

Learning tea is like learning life. 

Having confidence and believing self are important in life, but a differentiative mind, uncontrollable competitive energy and egoism can blind us.  Either for tea or life, there is no Best but only Better.  Learn to live the life with humbleness and courteousness won’t make you weak, on the contrary it expands your strength and capacity through inner alignment.