The first sentence in Dao Te Jing,

” Dao when can be named is already an extraordinary Dao;
Name when can be named is already an extraordinary Name. ”

When we think we have found the Dao (the way, the path), we should challenge ourselves:

Is that the right Dao? or perhaps we have already missed the Dao or choose the wrong Dao because of preconceived interpretation on what Dao is.

In this chaotic world, some people suggest it is better to keep a distance, but are you sure problems or troubles won’t come to you even when you choose to avoid it?

When life is stressful, often we heard people suggest “Let Go”.  Indeed, the best end approach is to let go, but how can we let go if we could not recognize its existence, not able to accept it and handle it? “Let Go” does not mean pessimistic avoidance, on the contrary it encourages us to manage it with positive attitude and courage.

In the journey of life, we will go through many ups and downs; it can be hard but still we have to learn not complain fair or not fair.  What we can do and have to do is to uphold the believes in humane values and morals and transfer this attitude in daily actions.

We can have a lot but still nothing can buy time and we can not re do the minute before now. When we were young, we thought we could concur the world and could achieve what we want; but life will teach us to keep our head down and to accept with humbleness.  We can’t change others, but we can manage the change in self.  Enjoy the presence with a cup of tea.