Before letting go, one must learn to bend and to pick up or to recognize what need to be cleaned up first.

Having a cup of tea is a perfect exercise of living meditation. Only when cup is empty, then the delicious liquid of tea can fill up in your cup again. Only when able to low down shoulders and hand can pick up the tea cup and enjoy a cup of tea.

Emptiness is the begin of existing; it is like water is the mother for a cup of tea. Harmony needs both Yin & Yang.

When you are young, you probably think getting old is still far away; but don’t forget the clock is tic tac and won’t stop. Dare to dream, take solid step to move forwards. When you are proud and keep your head high, don’t forget to put your feet on the solid ground. Don’t stand still because the world moves forwards without hesitation.

In life, we can have a lot, but at end nothing can bring alone. Wealth can buy lots of luxury materials but can’t buy youth, time, health and sustainable peace & happiness.

Appreciate for what you have now, not to waste your time to feel sorry for what you can not keep in the past; plant good seeds for a better tomorrow, starting from now.

No one can tell you what to do and how to live, because it is your own journey that you have to learn to manage yourself with ease and peace in mind.