Some people think having a big villa and money mean wealth;
having an attractive job title means success  and happiness;
an attractive job title means growing;
they think their luck can last forever.
But ….
At end there is nothing they can take with them (including us).
A big house without a loving family, it is nothing but just a  building made by cement and stones;
Money can pay for sex but can’t buy true love; 
the wealth, name and fame perhaps are not illusion now, but all will become air;
It’s not matter how much one has, it can’t buy health and life.
$/€ or job title regardless how much or how significant won’t last forever, at end we all have to learn how to face the inner self with a clear consciousness.
No one is perfect, we all made mistakes in life but the question is what have we learnt from those stupid and painful mistakes. A mistake without learning in life means loss, vice versa means enrichment. The worst damage  one can do him/herself is to continue telling lies and can’t face his/her consciousness in a cup of clear water.
Tea is more than just about learning to brew tea leaves with water, it is a learning process to face ourselves and reach the inner peace. With tea we learn the essence of keeping clarity in mind with calm, purity and tranquility by keeping head down and focus on the beauty and wisdom of simplicity.

©copyrighted Mei Lan Hsiao, Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre / Belgium Chinese Tea Culture Association   +32-494506899