Liu Bao is one unique tea in the Dark Tea (Hei Cha黑茶) type with long history that reveals the unique minority tribe culture from the Bouxcuengh.  Liu Bao is made from the Guanxi large-to-medium sized tea tree cultivar, the reason why it’s named to Liu Bao because it’s from Liu Bao country, Wuzhou, Guanxi province, China.  The average altitude of the region is between 1000-1500 meters.  The unique high mountain ecological balanced environment provides Liu Bao an excellent growing conditions, i.e. the yearly average temperature is abt. 21℃; the yearly average rainfall is abt. 1500mm, direct sunshine time is short and the tea region is almost the whole year round surrounded by cloud.

Liu Bao is made from the 1 bud with 2-3, sometimes 3-4 leaves.  Once leaves were plucked, tea farmers must finish the production in the same day.  Liu Bao is processed according to the sequence of Tea fixing -> Rolling ->  Piling (fermentation) -> repeat rolling -> drying (roasting).  How roasting method in the drying process is managed and the selection of woods are playing critical roles to the flavor and taste.

Liu Bao contains very rich Vitamin C, Polyphonel and Nicotinic Acid compounds. According to various researches, Liu Bao can aid to reduce fat, lower blood pressure, stimulate blood circulation and enhance the immunity system: 1) help digestion 2) reduce blood sugar 3) anti-aging 4) anti-bacteria.  The taste of Liu Bao is very gentle to stomach.

But it is like for all tea, consume too much and too strong tea might cause headache syndrome as tea drunk.  Therefore we highly suggest to limit the daily consumption to 3g-5g.  It’s not tea causes the health problems, it is because people don’t know how to consume correctly. Those who have sleeping problem should certainly pay extra attention on how to brew and how much to drink a day.

Tea Tasting Report 

The following taboo should also be avoided when drinking Liu Bao:

  • Carefully select the matching tea ware. Ceramic and Porcelain tea ware are good match for Liu Bao
  • Cast iron tea pot is not to be used to boil or brew tea.
  • Selecting and maintaining appropriate storage environment, avoid place where has bad odor
  • The best storage jar for dark tea should allow air permeability
  • Avoid direct sun light and pay attention to the humidity

Brewing suggestions:

  • Water temperature: 95-99°C
  • 3g-5g subject to the personal preference to taste
  • Rinse leaves with hot water
  • The soaking time: short and sexy (7-10 seconds)
  • When the taste is getting weak, then can consider to increase the soaking time.

Shape  Long twitted shape


  • Dried leaves: dark
  • Tea Liquid: rich amber red


  • There is a very mild and distance woody note as from Camphor with the blend of Areca Catechu or kind of mint.
  • After the rinsing, besides the woody note and the coolness from the Areca Catechu, also have notes of sea wood and peat moss.


The unique character of Liu Bao is it does not have very impulsive and strong taste. It’s very easy and pleasant to drink  because of its dried sweetness. The soft and calm taste allow us to sense the depth of wisdom of acceptance and tolerance in the “Wood Element” from the Five Elements.

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