International political driven pressure to China has never seized even with the worsen situation of #COVID19 #Coronavirus worldwide pandemic. Recent unfaired and racist attacks from #mouthmasks eventually have touched the bottom line and are now facing counter reactions from China government.

China strictens the quality standards fir export

Starting from 1/4/2020 not only #mouthmasks but all medical supplies and equipments must have the quality testing certificate/report that product quality have been tested and approved according to China standards in order to receive a quality testing certificate/report issued by any from 48 approved quality verification organizations. Right now there are 48 companies are verified and approved by #CNAS can provide the quality checking and approval certificate; such testing report is issued in Chinese and CNAS logo should be appeared on the testing report. Cargoes will only be allowed for export shipment with such testing certificate/report and requires an written acceptance agreement from oversea buyers.

International quality testing community should work with CNAS to establish an universal quality testing standards in terms of testing methods and acceptance of the testing result. Otherwise no medical supplies can be shipped out. Also transhipment is not allowed.

The international quality testing community shouldn’t downgrade the CNAS quality standards without consulting. Also back fight to deny quality testing report issued by other European countries won’t help the problem situation that we are facing collaterally.

The China government point of view is very clear “

Those recent unfair accusations and complaints about the mask quality forced the China government to set stricter guidelines for the mouth masks export.  I hope the linked information are useful for you.

The point of view from China government is clear : “We do care about the quality of medical supplies for live saving; they don’t have to buy if they don’t accept our standards and testing certificate/report we approved.

China has suffered a lot from the outbreak of #COVID19 #Coronavirus in #WuHan. They have established very strict quality standards that shouldn’t missed up the international business tractions if importers or buyers did mot pay attention to make clear with specifications and required quality standards.

That’s why for weeks I tried to urge your attention that customers should know what they are buying and should give very clear specifications and quality standards before hands.

Complaints and put the blames to China is not fair to handle the situation, certainly it is not able to ease the pandemic situations that our medical personnel are facing right now.

When virus outbreak happened in WuHan, there were many international donated masks did not meet the surgical masks (N95, FFP3)standards, so they sent medical quality experts from hospitals and Red Cross to classify masks. Those unqualified masks were distributed to community for civilian protection masks use.China and Chinese people did not make any complaints, even though many masks did not meet the medical mask standards, China and Chinese people still showed gratitude to the humanitarian generosity and friendship.

copyrighted by Mei Lan Hsiao, 2/4/2020