Walking on the right path is indeed sometimes made me feel tire sometimes, because it’s not easy to keep motivating myself to swim upstream against the tide while constantly facing unspeakable challenges and frustrations for years. No matter what it’s the decision we made in the journey of searching for peace in heart.
When we decide to walk on the path of tea to promote its purity, beauty and wisdom, we know it is the right thing to do in our heart.  Because it enriches our life every time we have the chance to share the right information correctly with those who are us once upon a time with a good cup of tea.
Life is short, only when we determine to follow the right path and our heart continuously, we have no regret when we look our life backward.
With tea, we learn the virtual and wisdom of being truthful and faithful. With tea, we learn more than tea, how to brew tea but more on how to live, starting from facing and managing ourselves.
In life people can fail us, but we can’t fail ourselves.