Tea has more than 5000 years or more years of history in Chinese culture which has been through various major cultural shifts in the history of mankind, the journey started from China and it is now spreading to the world. Preparing a cup of tea is easy, but learning of tea and wisdom from tea that you can apply in life are much more complex than you think.  Tea is healthy only if you have the basic knowledge about the basic principles of tea and the essential 5W and 1H.

Tea is about health that influences the quality of life. The best way to advance the learning of tea is to shorten the distance between person-to-person and person-to-tea.

Professional knowledge, respect of business ethics and able to live by example are essential quality to tea sommelier.

The basic module of tea sommelier certification program helps you to learn more than just about tea, it does not limited to how to brew tea and how to present tea. The certification program aims to enhance your knowledge in tea at the forefront level; more importantly it helps you to learn more about health, the wisdom about inner self , respect of nature and humane values that you know what and how to build and sustain a well balance and harmony in life.

The program is built based on over 32 years of learning and practice of Tea Master Mei Lan Hsiao aims to provide you a passport to continue your journey in tea with the authentic and correct knowledge. The program will equip you professional knowledge and skills  as tea sommelier.

Basic Modules program :

Purpose of the program

  • Intensive interactive learning approach in a small learning group
  • Intensive tea degustation, learn by tasting
  • Intensive interactive learning, learn by doing
  • To enhance the clarity of each learning, students need to complete small exam per section
  • At end, students need to a) present learning thesis, b) oral presentation c) Q&A d) blind taste of tea e) tea cupping presentation

Logistic arrangement 

  • Location: Paul van Ostaijenlaan 12, 2050 Antwerp (Linkeroever)
  • Frequency: Once a week
  • Hours: 3-4 hours per lesson
  • Period: 20 weeks
  • Fee: 2,500EUR/per person (excl. VAT)