photo-smallMaking a cup of tea is easy, all you need is some tea leaves, water and tea ware.
But……Is it just that simple as it sounds?

Tea does provide many health benefits, but at end it is upto each individual to make it works in her/his life style by

  • being able to take time out to enjoy a cup of tea
  • knowing what to choose and how to distinguish the differences
  • knowing how to brew and to consume

It is like an ancient Chinese wisdom mentioned in the Dao Te Jing written by Lao Zi:

Tao (means Way) is more than a way, once you are able to name it, perhaps it is either an extraordinary way or far from way.

Name is more than a name, once you are able to name the name, it can be already an extraordinary name or a wrong name.

Cha Dao goes beyond of how to brew tea and how beautiful we can present the art of tea, it is about how we can emerge in tea with peace, calm and tranquillity in mind.