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Values in tea

“Can’t live without tea”
This is a very popular claim we heard from time to time,
often even we said that to ourselves.
But, what kind of tea that you can’t live without exactly?
In the reality, people calculate the price when they purchase tea by ignoring the quality differences, they judge the quality based on the aroma from dried leaves and compare the price
without knowing the fundamental differences in
premium quality vs. low or even aromatic quality.
Some like to judge the quality of tea based on the content of Tea Polyphenols, but
Indeed the content of Tea Polyphenols in tea would influence the taste but it does not determine the quality grade of tea
Some say teas from high altitude are better than teas from lower altitude, but is it true?
Indeed there are some influences to flavoru and taste, but the altitude of tea garden does not determine the quality of taste in tea
At end, the key leads us to the critical question about what are values in tea
How the influence of human’s control of each process management based on cumulative experience and hard working of a life time”.
That’s is the value can’t be duplicated and/or replaced.
In life we wish people appreciate who we are, willing to listen and understand us; but not to judge us simply based on what we are currently.
Even though tea can’t speak, but if you truly want to enjoy the health benefits from tea and want to use tea to facilitate the enlightenment process, then perhaps you should also try to understand the values behind each leaf.
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  1. Mei Lan Hsiao

    It’s not fair to compare tea from region to region, because they all have respective and unique characters that we can discover from its natural flavour and taste.
    Tea is an agricultural product but not industrialized product, so be prepared to enjoy surprises and discovery from each cup.

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