Yesterday evening I received a ‘great’ question on #Instagram – “Which tea I would recommend today”.

There are two key words in this question : WHICH & TODAY.

Personally I love all tea types and I choose always from fine quality pure tea that allows me to enjoy its natural and complex flavors and tastes.

I tend to discipline myself from very vivid and sexy intensive flavors that chanting to my nose. Of course, natural pure scents are important, but can flavors reflect in tea liquid and the complexity in fine tastes are even more attractive to me.

Drinking tea for health

I do pay close attention on which tea type of tea to choose according to the change of season and weather, because there are many choices we have in our tea centre in each tea type. I simply close my eyes and listen to let my heart to guide me with my decision.

The tea I chose last night was an aged Shou Pu’erh because of two reasons :

1) we had a pretty big meal in the evening that we would like to stimulate our digestion a little bit

2) the air pressure was increasing without rain, I sensed the need to stimulate the water circulation through mild sweating.

It rains today, so guess which tea speaks to my body today?