Want to learn how to brew tea?
It’s easy!
Go on youtube, then you will find many interesting video’s.
Does that make you a tea sommelier?
Even if you know about tea, but again does it mean you know what and how to become a Cha Ren (茶人, a Tea Wo/Man)?
Even if you know all the above, does it mean you know what does tea culture represent? what are behind and how?
At end, the question is ‘WHO ARE YOU?”
Who are you?
An artist who knows how to show the tea art?
Someone who has the pre-conceived idea about tea?
Someone actually has gone through training? For how many hours / days? How much do you really know? Are you sure you have learned enough?
Someone who appreciates and loves tea?
Someone who is committed to the life time learning?
Simply someone who knows the essence of keeping head down and how to enjoy and appreciates the learning behind tea leaves?
Well, the list of question can go on and on and on and on…….
and how often you honestly confront these questions with yourself before trying to convince others?